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Monday 17 May 2004 9.21pm
I have a firewall on my PC and occasionally get the odd message informing me that a hacker is trying to access my PC, but this evening I have had in excess of 50 hits. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
The firewall is advising me that there is an attempt to connect using the Sokets de Trois v1. Trojan horse.
I have run a couple of traces and they seem to originate from Holland and Germany.
Anyone know what is going on?
Tuesday 18 May 2004 9.23am
It's probably Maurits, up to his tricks :0)

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 18 May 2004 9.46am
It's more likely that a script kiddie has set a program to scan a narrow range of IP addresses (including yours) and try various incursion techniques and so you are getting repeated hits from the same source or sources. It could also be that someone was particularly targetting your ISP.

I was on-line for most of last night and only got a couple of portscans, so I don't think it was anything more widespread.

Tuesday 18 May 2004 10.52am
Are you sure it wasn't Maurits?

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 18 May 2004 12.32pm
If you've got broadband you'll get more hits, as it's easier to hack into, as people generally have fewer security options in place.

most likely someone scanning a whole range of IP's over and over with different attacks. unless of course you have something very important on there which someone knows about and wants to get access to...!
Saturday 22 May 2004 9.10pm
I am still being targeted and my firewall is still giving me the same message.
The firewall is advising me that there is an attempt to connect using the Sokets de Trois v1. Trojan horse.
There has been 6 attempts this evening so far from 2 locations in the UK.
It is happening every evening now. I have nothing on my PC that would be of interest to any one.
What is the best thing to stop this happening , and who can you report it to, to get it resolved?
Monday 24 May 2004 1.00pm
I would say that as long as the firewall is giving you the message, and the virus isn't getting through then it's only realy an annoyance and not that serious. Just tell the software not to tell you when it happens, and it'll cary on stopping people getting in, in the background while you carry on working regardless. after all isn't that what it's there for?
Monday 24 May 2004 1.06pm
If it wasn't for those pesky kids

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Monday 24 May 2004 2.42pm
A few options:

1. Report them. Note down the DNS numbers of the people who are targeting them and report them to their ISP (if you look up their ISP provider and then mail "abuse@insertnameofISPproviderhere.whatever".

Problem with this is that it does nothing actually to solve your immediate issue of these alarms, is reliant on the ISP to take action, and the chances are that if these people are any good, they will be ghosting their DNS anyway (so they look like someone they are not when you trace it).

2. Permanently restrict these people. I'm guessing you're running something like NIS or BlackIce ? If so, you can add individual IP addresses to a restricted zone, so that these people are blocked from any kind of connection to your computer. The problem is that if they are running a dynamic IP address (one that changes everytime they connect to the Interweb) or ghosting, then this doesn't stop them.

3. Nothing. As Jon says, have faith in your firewall and just switch off the notification - make sure you keep it and Windows Update (assuming you running Windows) up to date.

4. Get a router. Costs between 40 - 150 (depending on whether you want wireless or not), plug it into your computer, plug it into your phone line, it puts a physical seperation between your PC and the net, so if anyone tries to attack your computer, the only thing they can connect to is the router. Best and only solution IMHO for people who leave their PC regularly connected to the Internet for long periods of time.

Hope this helps

Post edited (24 May 04 15:43)
Monday 24 May 2004 4.41pm
I am indeed trying to infiltrate Henry's computer and consequently the BNP: thought I am the appropriate person to do so- being Dutch, French, Jewish, LibDem and a guest in this country. Shame I haven't been clever enough to keep it unnoticed. Well done Ivanhoe!
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