Useless US president assassination trivia

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Friday 12 February 2016 8.46pm
I'm probably showing my ignorance/lack of knowledge re US presidents, but thought I'd share this from a case I'm involved with.

"Here are some coincidences between the two that you may not have been aware of. Both men were elected 100 years apart, Lincoln in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960. Both men were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. The two Johnsons were also born 100 years apart, Andrew in 1808 and Lyndon in 1908. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated. Both their assassins were born 100 years apart: John Wilkes Booth in 1839 and Lee Harvey Oswald in 1939. Both assassins had three names, each assassinís name consisting of a total of 15 letters. Both assassins died before they could be brought to trial. Lincoln was shot in a theatre and his assassin was cornered in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin was captured in a theatre. Both presidents were shot in the back of the head. Both were shot in the presence of their wives. Both were shot on a Friday. Lincoln was shot in Fordís Theater. Kennedy was shot whilst riding in a Ford Lincoln. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who had told him not to go to the theatre. Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln who had told him not to go to Dallas. It is an extraordinary series of coincidences."
Saturday 13 February 2016 2.44am
Close Gavin, but no cigar.
Lincoln did not have a secretary named Kennedy, he had two secretaries while in the White House, John Nicolay, and John Hay.
John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838, not 1839.
Another canard often trotted out was that both men were assassinated by Southerners, but Booth was from Maryland, which although bordering Virginia, stayed in the Union throughout the war.
Although the Ford Motor Company bought the Lincoln Motor Company in the twenties, no car called a Ford Lincoln was ever manufactured.
There was one non PC coincidence that you could have used, one month before his assassination Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland, and one month prior to Kennedy's assassination he was in Marilyn Monroe, allegedly.
Saturday 13 February 2016 2.58am
One I forgot, Booth wasn't killed in a warehouse, he was shot by a Union soldier in a barn in Fort Royal, or Port Royal, Virginia.
Saturday 13 February 2016 10.44am
The car that JFK was travelling in when he was assassinated in Dallas TX. was a Lincoln Continental 4 door limousine.
It was subsequently fully armoured, bullet proofed, and presumably well valeted before going on to serve Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter.
It is now in the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Mich.
Sunday 14 February 2016 11.37am
I should say this wasn't my creation - this came from defence counsel's closing speech to the jury. Fascinating stuff that the limo carried on as the presidential limo, albeit armoured and well valeted!! Not sure I'd want to ride in it after that though!

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