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Tuesday 25 May 2004 8.57pm
Do your homework before going to Borough Market.

Think you know your British cheeses? Try our fun quiz and see if you can identify the 11 varieties described in our clues - and they get harder!

Cheese 1: This variety is creamy white, with a moist and crumbly texture and delicate, mild flavour.

Cheese 2: Can be mild, medium or mature. Close and smooth textured, its flavour ranges from mild when young to full flavoured and nutty when fully mature. It varies in colour from white to deep yellow. The Romans first brought this cheese to northern Europe and their knowledge of cheesemaking to this country in AD 55. This cheese was originally made in Somerset and is now produced throughout the world.

Cheese 3: Pale honey colour with a firm texture and mild delicate flavour. It is green-marbled and flavoured with sage.

Cheese 4: Golden coloured, smooth textured and full flavoured.

Cheese 5: Today most examples are mild and crumbly, but there is also a more mature traditional variety which is moist with a sharp tang. It has a creamy white colour. Traditionally, it was known as Leigh Toaster as it makes a fab cooking cheese.

Cheese 6: Firm with a slightly flaky texture and arying in colour from russet to deep red and from a mild mellow to a mature flavour.

Cheese 7: Most famous is the blue veined variety with a soft and moist texture, but there is a white variety - a young version without the trademark mould. Blue is rich and creamy; white has a fresh and milder flavour. It is often referred to as the King of Cheeses.

Cheese 8: Creamy white with a flaky texture and a mild, creamy flavour. It is traditionally eaten in northern England with apple pie.

Cheese 9: A white, close textured cheese with blue veining and a delicate creamy flavour which develops on maturing. Relatively mild, it is a good one for those coming to `blue` cheeses for the first time.

Cheese 10: A russet-coloured, blue-veined cheese with a mild creamy and mellow flavour.

Cheese 11: A thick crusted, orange-coloured cheese with blue veining and a firm, creamy texture. It has a strong rich flavour and is made by a process similar to Stilton and by the makers of Stilton cheese. It was developed as recently as the early eighties.

Answers tomorrow
Tuesday 25 May 2004 11.10pm
We expect pictures with the answers to aid our cheese-buying!
Wednesday 26 May 2004 6.51am

1 Caerphilly
2 Cheddar
3 Sage Derby
4 Gloucester
5 Lancashire
6 Red Leicester
7 Stilton
8 Wensleydale
9 Dairylee Triangles (obviously left to mature a bit - surely the King of cheeses?)
10 Cheesey Wotsits (or quavers, both are eaten with apple pie in my house)
11 Shropshire
Wednesday 26 May 2004 7.28am
Dairylea triangles the king of cheeses?

Don't be daft. Laughing Cow is far superior.
Wednesday 26 May 2004 7.54am
Reblochon! Old Amsterdam!
Wednesday 26 May 2004 7.00pm

Good effort Tharg - certainly better than me.

1. Caerphilly
2. Cheddar
3. Derby
4. Double Gloucester
5. Lancashire
6. Leicester
7. Stilton
8. Wensleydale
9. Blue Wensleydale
10. Buxton Blue
11. Shropshire Blue
Wednesday 26 May 2004 7.27pm
What have Aga got against Cheshire to exclude one of the nine traditional cheeses of England from their quiz?

[They must sell enough of their overrated lumps of cast iron to ManU and Liverpool footballers wives in the county!]

White, red or blue veined, Cheshire has a loose and crumbly texture, with a slightly salty, tangy flavour. Cheshire is one of the UK's oldest cheeses.

Thursday 27 May 2004 12.20am
Tharg, I dare you to go into Neal's yard on a Saturday and ask if they sell Dairylea cheese triangles.

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