Renting Nightmare

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Tuesday 1 June 2004 1.36pm
Renting is difficult and expensive enough in London without some unscrupulous so called landlords taking people for a ride. I'm researching the nightmares people encounter when renting, for The London Programme and I'd really like to talk to people who've been victims of letting scams.

Have you - or someone you know - handed over a deposit in good faith, only to find that that the ‘landlord' doesn't even own the property?

Or perhaps you had no idea that the place you rent is actually a council flat until the council came calling? Your ‘landlord' gets done for illegal subletting and you're back looking for somewhere to live.

Or here's a new one - maybe you weren't aware that your place was ‘live/work'. Some councils are now taking action against people who don't use these places for work. Doesn't seem fair if you never knew that in the first place.

The London Programme is an award winning prestigious current affairs documentary series.

Please contact me with any stories about the trials of renting in London on,
or call me 020 7633 2851

Many thanks
Tuesday 1 June 2004 1.42pm
I don't usually allow this sort of post (lots of researchers from makeover shows etc like to post on local forums like this and it quickly becomes very tedious) but as the London Programme is made on the South Bank I'll make an exception for this one :-)

Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Tuesday 1 June 2004 1.45pm
is this specific to se1, or 'chatter' ?

or should it go under 'classifieds' ?
Tuesday 1 June 2004 2.17pm
Emma G -
I would be very careful with this topic. I have had experience of a similar virtual forum in Mcr, where people who wanted to promote the community spirit had formed a really good virtual place just like this.
Unfortunately, someone entered a posting similar to yours on the topic of renting/ selling/ bying nightmares. There was an awful company called Julie Twist who specialised in this [one of the many] and that company was absolutely slated by about 30 posters. All had seemed to have legitimate gripes, but the upshot was that the owner of the forum [are you reading this, James ?] was threatened with prosecution for slander etc. after the beligerent owner of the aforementioned establishment decided to take action.

The add thing was, if I was the owner of a business that was aimed at the public and that service was clearly being viewed under-performing, I would want to know. And I would do something to rectify the situation. Not her. All she wanted was to stop the bad press !! TYpical !!!

ANYway, my point was please be careful that you address such issues. I would HATE to think that this free-range forum could possibly be lost in similar circumstances.

[other than that, I have no such tales. My letting agents are great and the rental agents here in London are ok.]
Tuesday 1 June 2004 2.34pm
Thankyou James for not kicking my post out!

G00se - totally understand about creating possible problems for site/ website host, however just to be a bit clearer, the stories I'm looking for are more about individuals than legitimate lettings agents, who might take umbrage at such bad publicity as you quite rightly point out! These are individuals who pretend to be legit. landlords when they have no right to rent out property.
Also if any respondent is worried - I can be contacted privately...

Tuesday 1 June 2004 2.56pm
Nice 1, Emma.

It was just worth pointing out what had occurred in another city on a similar topic, that's all.
Wednesday 2 June 2004 7.50am
Are there any landlords with nightmare stories? I'd be interested in the stories of the large number of new landlords that buying-to-let has created.

[Thinking of running a story on this topic in the 'Hot Puppy Gazette']

Wednesday 2 June 2004 11.36am
I note that The London Programme has a moratorium on the use of hyphens, and a shortage of commas. For example, 'I'm researching the nightmares people encounter when renting, for The London Programme and I'd really like to talk to people who've been victims of letting scams.'

Isn't the media [sic] of the picture wireless marvellous as it obviates the necessity for understanding such inconvenient issues as punctuation.
Wednesday 2 June 2004 4.02pm
Maybe Emma G from the London Programme does not know how to use punctuation properly or, far more likely, it was a typo or she did not read her post before sending it. So what? I appreciate the irony, but it's hardly a big deal.

This is not the first time that someone's punctuation has been criticised on this forum and, as someone else pointed out before, it will deter others who are not super-confident about their punctuation or English from contributing. Perhaps you can start a new thread, Mapmaker, where you magnamiously teach punctuation. That should hopefully keep you too busy to snipe at others.
Wednesday 2 June 2004 4.14pm
Oh dear Bee, you really must have buzzed out of bed on the wrong side this morning!

Makers of cider should take care to prepare their apples carefully.

Bees should make sure that they keep their honey edible.

Journalists should craft their words carefully.

If a cidermaker bruised his apples, then you would not want to drink his cider. If a bee collected pollen from deadly nightshade then you would not want to eat his honey. So a journalist whose journalistic writings are spectacularly peppered with mistakes is not a credit to himself. There is a tendancy for a reader to jump to the (possibly incorrect) conclusion that the investigative journalism will be of no higher quality than his writing.

May I recommend Eats, Shoots & Leaves to anyone who wishes to brush up on his punctuation - and particularly to Emma G.

Cider maker, cidermaker or cider-maker?

Cider maker, cidermaker or cider-maker?
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