Pine flooring - Advice on sealing against liquid spills please

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Wednesday 27 April 2016 12.05pm
Any floor finishing experts out there?

Iím having a nightmare trying to sealing my pine wooden floors against liquid spills.

The problem is that although they have been sanded (lightly as I wanted the rustic, old look) and coated with a water based varnish (Manns polysomething) they still soak up water like blotting paper immediately any is spilt on them - then leaves a nasty stain.

There are also patches of what I describe as a white ďbloomĒ that weren't there before sanding/coating.

Apparently the finishers gave the floor 4 coats of the water based varnish Ė although only 2 or 3 are the recommended apparently.

I wasnít there when the finishers treated the floor but had my doubts about their flooring knowledge when they used a hammer (rather than hammer and a punch) to bash in any nails (square cut) that were proud of the surface. So now I have hammer bash marks where the hammer missed the nails and dented the wood. They also said the masking tape didnít work so the stain they used was splodged all over our new gloss paint skirting, doors and white mdf wardrobe base. Grrrr. Luckily white spirit got it off the wardrobe but we had to re-gloss the skirting and doors.

The boards have since been tested for dampness Ė they are well within the recommended range. Upstairs they are original to the house Ė 1860s and downstairs they are reclaimed but were stored in our house for 2 years and have been laid over a year ago.

The stained boards upstairs (original to the house) hold the water on top (in a bobble) better than the unstained boards (which sinks straight in and spreads - not even a bit of a bobble).

We have also tried a patch using Manns waterbased 2 part product (with a catalyst) and a similar strong product made by Junkers. Neither have been better and, again, any liquid soaks straight into the wood and leaves a stain when the water has dried off. Looks really horrid.

Help Please!!! All our stuff is in storage and our cat is at a boarding place. We really want our lives back in order and a floor that works asap.

Can we put a hard wax oil product (Osmo) on top of the poly stuff? Iím guessing that as the wax is a liquid it will soak in like the water okay but hopefully dry and seal the wood. I donít really want to sand again as the wood will loose itís aged patina and I donít want a perfectly level floor like engineered wood look.

Or could we use a matt yacht varnish over the water based stuff?

Does anyone know what product all these pubs, bars, gyms, boat decks, schools, restaurants etc etc put on their wooden floors?
Advice on how to get this pine to not act like blotting paper would be gratefully received.

Thank you, thank you.
Stressed and fed up!
Friday 29 April 2016 7.32am
How about searching for Boat Builders? Not being facetious but when you mentioned yacht varnish...what plonkers you had hammering nails in without a punch..
Thursday 5 May 2016 9.41pm
Since been advised that we shouldnt put wax over a waterbased product. Yes plonkers for not using a punch. They say they have 30 years experience!!!!

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