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Tuesday 12 July 2016 7.23pm
boroughonian wrote:
... If I remember right, it was the very next day that we were told the demographic breakdown of the vote ... I just don't get how that's possible.
Stinks to me.

A polling organisation contacted a sample of people after they voted, and asked them a set of questions - in what way does that stink?

Details here.

BTW the head of the polling organisation is a Leaver (see here).
Friday 15 July 2016 12.34am
janefs wrote:
Thebunhouse wrote:
The only believable analysis I have read is that if the young had voted " stay" instead of not voting at all then we would not be having this discussion. As I understand it only 30% of the young were sufficiently concerned for their future to vote.

I have seen another report that states 36% of those eligible voters aged 18-24 voted at all. I haven't gone trawling for any other analysis (water under the bridge) but if accurate, roughly two thirds of younger voters didn't bother to vote, so any complaint that the older 'baby boomers' stuffed up their future opportunities by voting leave because they would be less affected by Brexit seems rather hollow.

I have heard others say, and I tend to agree, that a lot of people who voted Leave, thought that there was no way that Leave would prevail.
They reasoned that Stay would swing it by a narrow majority, but that enough votes would have been cast for Leave, to give Cameron and the Tories a bloody nose.
Those bozos came unstuck, and so did Britain the way I see it.
Now we just have to bite the bullet, say through gritted teeth, "Hey, that's democracy", and hope that it all shakes out okay in the end.
It may be that the , the $, and the will reach parity, but so what, we got our country back didn't we?
Tuesday 19 July 2016 1.17pm
I was asked my vote after leaving a poll station by a "political research student " sort of exit poll"
Saturday 22 April 2017 1.36pm
I think Lord David Owen should be listened to by his LD party.
He is like superb claret ..improves with age and more VIP for the forgotten of London and else where in UK. A strong Brexiteer! We shall not be moved Paddy Ash'down etc..
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