volunteers wanted..golfers...smokers trying to give up etc

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Thursday 17 June 2004 6.21pm
My first post here so Hi to everyone.

I'm about to setup my life coaching practice but want some volunteers to practice an amazing technique that I have recently learnt.

I am basically looking for a few volunteers who have some sort of 'addiction' and trying to give up but unable to for example addiction to smoking or chocolate! Mainly people who have cravings and are unable to overcome these feelings. The technique will only help you overcome the cravings but you must want to stop smoking.

I'm also looking for some sports people, particularly golfers. Golfers who consistently get a certain score range and are unable to improve further, ideally you will be at this level for some time and unable to improve further, for example perhaps you feel your putting is the worse part of the game, or you get nervous teeing off.

The techniques are quite strange as they involve tapping on certain 'meridian' points on the body (mainly head area) and saying specific affirmations but they do have a high success rate. I'm not promising anything but it will cost you nothing to try, I will learn and hope fully you can overcome smoking or improve your golf score.

Anyhow, let me know if you are interested in this informal study and I will get in contact to tell you more about it.

Friday 18 June 2004 10.43am
Cider addiction?
Addiction to posting to forums using a variety of names?
Friday 18 June 2004 10.53am
I think I know someone close who may benefit...chocolate lover...
but is this a serious posting?

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Friday 18 June 2004 11.23am
plus I can't stop using the internet whilst I'm supposed to be working, hence putting my job at risk.

[edited to avoid annoying the wife!]

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Friday 18 June 2004 11.38am
Jan the old one Wrote:
> I think I know someone close who may
> benefit...chocolate lover...

Yep its been shown to work very well for foods such as cravings for chocolate.

> but is this a serious posting?

Yes it is a serious posting.

Not sure about cider but not sure if that was a serious posting!

Let me know if your chocolate loving friend is interested in curbing their cravings. Perhaps they don't want to do anything about it!
Tuesday 22 June 2004 6.52pm
id like to curb my choco addiction , but possibly not give it up entirely?
Tuesday 22 June 2004 10.27pm

It can certainly significantly reduce your cravings and therefore desire for chocolate.

If you feel you are addicted to chocolate, then when you get a craving for it, it will be at that moment when you have the choice to either eat chocolate, or to use the techniques to curb your craving for it.

If you choose to use the technique, then after a short while you will stop having the desire for it.

So if you did want to stop eating chocolate, then yes it will help.
Wednesday 23 June 2004 9.01am
Dilanroj's Q is very interesting.

I would like to give up Strongbow, but not lovely real cider. Would it be possible to do this using your techniques?

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 23 June 2004 11.27am
In your case I doubt it would be possible because it is one of the same thing, ie alcohol (albeit cider!). If you wanted to give up alcohol, then yes it can assist.

What is stopping you giving up Strongbow now?

Using the techniques it does not stop you from exercising your freewill, if you wanted to have cider then fine have cider, nothing stopping you at all. It will give you a choice, if you crave for Strongbow, then perhaps it may help.
Wednesday 23 June 2004 11.37am
Personally I love real coffee, but never touch instant-so-called-coffee. I have no problem with this apparent contradiction.

Ivanhoe - it's all down to self-control.
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