Great whites

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Tuesday 13 July 2004 9.41am
Reading the horrific story about the poor surfer who got chomped up by a couple of bloody big great whites and as much as I feel sorry for him and his family, surely it is very wrong for the Oz Government to be tracking down these [already endangered] beasts to kill them for doing what is natural...?

I have had my share of watersports in the past and a number of others on dry land and surely whatever sport you undertake you should accept the risks associated with it... I am sure the surfing community would agree and the victim's brother has done so to his credit despite his grief. It is the shark's natural environment and we are trerspassers to a degree - any thoughts?

Bien joué...
Tuesday 13 July 2004 10.34am
it's nature at work. Cause and effect. Swim with sharks often enough, and sooner or later a shark will take a bite.

I found the story on CNN, and it also says that there were only four fatalities from shark attacks worldwide in 2003, one of which was an 84 year old man swimming in a canal.

Tuesday 13 July 2004 10.43am
Only four fatalities, but it's a sensational story. I didn't read it, but I wouldn't mind betting that they used gruesome terms. Let's see: "torn apart," "surf horror" - plus a few others, and they'll have talked the shark up into being worse than the creature in Alien. - Hell, I'm minded to go out and kill a few myself.
Tuesday 13 July 2004 11.08am
I think the reason they have to hunt them down is that once sharks get a taste for human blood, they are very likely to target humans again.

I went diving once with a marine biologist who said that human blood was the equivilent of crack cocaine to creatures like sharks and lions...
Tuesday 13 July 2004 11.12am
The reason they have to track him down is that otherwise the Australians will lose lots of tourist income.

</cynic mode>
Tuesday 13 July 2004 12.33pm
I think all considered they should leave them alone...

They are doing what comes naturally to them and I have read that a lot of shark attacks start when a shark is curious with a shape in the water and the only way they know how to investigate is to bite...

Accept the tourist argument though, cynical or not - probably a lot of truth in it...

Bien joué...
Tuesday 13 July 2004 2.28pm

I say hunt 'em all down - just leave a few in the aquaria (or pickled). I don't care whether they are doing anything that comes naturally or not - that isn't an excuse for chomping down on anyone - even an Australian. We are the dominant species (well us or mice) so lets be dominant (enough of this namby pamby eco-nonsense.. rant cough splutter foam etc..etc..)
Tuesday 13 July 2004 3.24pm
red bus

Had to laugh... even though I disagree. But I'm not going to rant on about the delicate ecological Balance upset by us dominant humans because frankly I'm no eco-warrior either...

I've seen great whites up close and it can't be a good way to go - they are gigantic... They reckon one of the sharks that got this bloke was 'as big as a car'...!! Probably had 3 inch long razor sharp teeth too (several sets...). Nasty piece of work - kinda like a swimming 'Alien' really...

Harpoon the buggers - just kidding.

Bien joué...
Tuesday 13 July 2004 3.33pm
'as big as a car' - very scientific!
Tuesday 13 July 2004 3.35pm
Fiat Punto - no problem - give it a slap...

Bentley Continental - oh dear - kiss it goodbye...

Bien joué...
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