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Wednesday 21 July 2004 2.34pm
Had a pint of Forest of Dean Freeminers 'Iron Brew' bitter the other night at the Market Porter and I had to recommend it. I was prompted by mention of Sussex bitter in another thread. This stuff is utterly fabulous. I felt as if I was there to enjoy the beer instead of it merely being an accompaniment to hanging out in the pub. Every slurp a real pleasure. I have to say we are extrememly lucky to have The MP, The Wheatsheaf AND the Royal Oak in SE1.

Apologies for it not being cider. Why is it that you can get really good cider in most of the supermarkets now but not in pubs? Good pubs at that!
Wednesday 21 July 2004 2.56pm
That is good news, that Iron Brew is delicious, I'll have to gop along and have some. As for c****r, why don't we ask the people that run the place if they'll stock some?
Wednesday 21 July 2004 3.23pm
I was thinking the same thing. We need a campaign. Maybe we could organise the SE1der press gang to go in now and again and ask the same question. Don't you have some contact with the pervy woman from Camra? What would her advice be I wonder?
Wednesday 21 July 2004 4.05pm
"Don't you have some contact with the pervy woman from Camra?"
I don't think you should be gossiping about my private life on this forum Blake, and as I've said before, those photographs were perfectly legal.
Wednesday 21 July 2004 4.06pm
I was planning on supplying top quality cider in my smoke free pub venture...
Wednesday 21 July 2004 5.20pm
I nearly always ask for real cider in pubs, especially when they don't sell it.

IMO the trick is to ask the question as if it's unthinkable that they wouldn't have it. Something like: "And what real ciders do you have?"

When they stop laughing/looking at you very quizically, you go into a friendly spiel about how you're sorry about the mistake, but you naturally thought a pub of their calibre (that sells fine wines and beers, etc) would be selling qualitly artisanal English cider and perry.

I also use this in off licenses (the posher the better. When they start to scoff, you can then ask them to give you some objective tips as to why the 10 New World plonk that was made under factory conditions in stainless steel vats before being shipped half way round the world, should be regarded as a more refined product than a handmade English cider made from rare apples and transported a few miles.)

I'm sure I haven't changed anyone's opinions yet, but I really enjoy it as a harmless way to confuse people, and you never know when the tipping point effect will kick in.

That reminds me. Must call back Bristol tourist info and ask them who does their cider tours. It's been a few weeks since I last did that. I think I might pretend to be Dutch this time.

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 21 July 2004 10.47pm
Presumably Mrs I refuses to go shopping with you?
Thursday 22 July 2004 1.44pm
>>but I really enjoy it as a harmless way to confuse people,

Hmmm. The poor girl on the cashdesk who takes your sixpence is unlikely to feed that back to head office!
Monday 26 July 2004 9.46am
Good point Mapmaker. But as I'm now not allowed into any of the national chains I get a lot more chance to be talking to the till-grinder rather than the change monkey.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 26 July 2004 12.03pm
I was in a pub in Worcester on Saturday night, and know the landlord Bernie quite well, and asked him if he sold any 'real' cider, and he said that he sold Strongbow! I asked him if he was tied to a chain, and he said he was a free pub, and that he normally had five different hand pump guest ales. I told him that I would drink real cider if he sold it, and that I thought It'd be worth him changing one real ale hand pump for a real cider, and even though I could see he was quite drunk, he was definately considering the idea.

It's the Salmon's Leap opposite the Worcester Porcelain factory.
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