High rise cat owners

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Saturday 24 July 2004 11.12am
You might consider one of these.
Very handy for taking your cat for a walk and ensuring it doesn't bring
anything undesirable home.

Sunday 25 July 2004 3.57pm
phoney, [sorry don't know how to add the TM] you must have had me in mind - or at least my new neighbour. I live in a 6th floor flat and the new occupant next door has arrived with 2 cats, one of which I was alarmed to find making itself at home on my terrace recently, it having got under the connecting gate from her balcony. I say alarmed because there are a lot of gaps in the railings around the terrace and I will not take responsibility if the animal ventures a few steps too far when it's on my patch - even if it does manage to fall on its feet from this height it won't bounce - or walk again. I also have no desire to have to keep my windows and doors shut just to keep the things out [cats trigger unpleasant allergic reactions in me]. Unable to speak to her, I left a very polite note suggesting that [for safety reasons at least] she might consider keeping them on a harness and lead - to date she hasn't responded and so probably thinks I'm the bitch cat hater from hell, in which case I have got off on the wrong foot and may as well live up to my billing, so this device may be just the thing to buy her ...........
Monday 26 July 2004 8.47am
Or you could try buying her a toast rack and some bungee cords

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 26 July 2004 11.09am
?huh? why?
Monday 26 July 2004 12.11pm
Something I read recently:

"If cats always land on their feet, and toast always lands butter side down...."

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 26 July 2004 12.25pm
Can I suggest a less extreme alternative:

I do get some pretty odd looks when my kitty and I go out to the park like this, and am no doubt earning myself a reputation as the "cat lady of Borough", but she loves it.
Monday 26 July 2004 12.48pm
edited because I posted twice (DOH!)

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Monday 26 July 2004 12.48pm
Is that your cat's bungee harness? Nice markings by the way. Some of you may be aware of my high rise pigeon. It first appeared several months ago, forced its way past the netting onto my balcony and cr*pped over my washing. I chased it away, only to have it return every time I put my washing out, and do the same. Initially I thought there was just one very persistent individual, but no, there were two, and now there are three. The new addition to the family isn't quite fully fledged, but is almost there, so I can soon reclaim my balcony. Now I understand that nesting birds are protected, but can anyone tell me at what point I can shoot the three of them?

Edited 1 times. Last edit at 26 July 2004 12.59pm by Tharg, drinker of Pervy.
Monday 26 July 2004 1.07pm
Isn't my kitty - she's more tiger-stripey than leopard-spot.

But, she is available for pigeons, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc, if that would help. Weekends in the country are spent chasing rabbits with great (from her point of view) / not so great (from mine) success.

Edited to say that her only bungee-jumping tendencies to date have been her habit (as a kitten) of climbing onto the top of doors and then leaping onto the back of unsuspecting occupants as they walked underneath. Shewas grown out of that pretty damn sharpish tho'

Edited 1 times. Last edit at 26 July 2004 1.10pm by Siduhe.
Monday 26 July 2004 1.08pm
right between the eyes usually does the trick
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