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Tuesday 7 September 2004 9.39am
Looking to learn the fine art of web design - feeling the need to learn something new. Any recommendations on software which is user-friendly but caters for all levels of ability?

Microsoft Frontpage and Dreamweaver have been recommended but know there are lots of packages out there...

Any ideas?

Bien joué...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 2.56pm

If you're getting Front Page, make sure it's not an Express version (which often comes free with Windows). If you use a recent full version, you can create your web-pages WYSIWYG style (i.e. just click, type, add pictures where you want), but it then has the ability to show you your page entirely in HTML code.

This will look like gobbledygook at first, but if you look up some HTML on the net, you will start to learn what certain bits of code do. And once you've got to that level, you can tinker with the code to position things exactly where you want them, get them looking exactly how you want them, and you can start making your web-page do little tricks using Dynamic HTML (which again, you can nick off other web pages).

Front Page also allows you to publish straight to the internet. With Express, it lets you save your pages, then you have to get other software to let you upload your pages to webspace.

Newer versions of Word and Powerpoint let you publish documents as web-pages too (just Save As HTML file), and if you are creative, you can definitely build a good-looking simple website using just those...

My work is too sticngy to buy me web publishing software, so I build sites using Powerpoint and Word...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.03pm
...or you could pay someone who has actually learnt all the skills necessary, to spend about a tenth of the time, to produce a set of webpages that look like a professional created them, for not very much money at all.

That way, you don't have to buy software, or learn new skills, or phaff around for days, and you have a really good sight.

of course, haveing just read your original post, you do actually want to learn the finer arts of web design, so my advice is to enroll on a course, and learn that way, because all the software, hardware, etc is provided.
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.06pm
Thanks Psycho - a gent... Friend of mine getting me Front Page. Have registered a domain for 2 years and will use my free space for now until pages(s) sorted...

Appreciate the advice.

Bien joué...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.08pm
Have thought about having them done Roadrunner but yes, want to learn...

No time for a course either - so busy with work and commitments so going to rely on advice from contacts and a lot of phaffing around ; )


Bien joué...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.27pm
is it a "ph" in faffing?

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.30pm
no there isn't - I was avoiding being facetious...

Bien joué...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.32pm
Sorry. I didn't mean anything (sarcy) by it. Just wondered, seeing that it's a word I've never seen written down, whether it had a spelling.

Off to check dictionary.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.33pm
apologies Ivanhoe - been a bad day - sure no facetiousness meant - please accept...

Bien joué...
Tuesday 7 September 2004 3.33pm
It is faff...

Bien joué...
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