Strange cider things

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Monday 13 September 2004 10.22am
Just wanted to share these with someone.

1) they sell Addlestones (keg, but cloudy) in The Wellington at Waterloo. It looks like cider, but tastes of nothing
2) an empty cardboard box for Magn(i)er's Cider blew across the road in front of me this morning, not long before I rode past Perryfield Road

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 13 September 2004 4.37pm
More strange cider things: I took a bottle of pervy into a pub near Tharg Towers last night, and swapped it for two pints of Thatcher's Heritage. I then went to another pub, this time the landlord bought me a pint of Thatcher's Traditional, and then gave me a large malt whiskey. Not only did I not spend anything last night, but I felt really good when I woke up this morning - and that's very strange indeed.
Monday 13 September 2004 4.52pm
these things don't happen to beer drinkers, you know

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 15 September 2004 11.15pm
Magners is called Bulmers in Ireland...

and Walls Ice-cream is called H.B. (it stands for Hazelbrook Farm, where the quaint farmer used to churn the cream...funny that his traditional ice cream creation, the Cornetto, should be identical to the one made by Walls)...

Thursday 16 September 2004 10.14am
dmcguirk wrote:
> Magners is called Bulmers in Ireland...
Did you mean it like that deirdre? I'd always thought it was the other way round (i.e. Bulmers make a cider for the Irish market and call it Magners. When they make the same horrible stuff for the UK market they call it Str*****w).

Please clarify. (Obviously, I wouldn't care if it was anything else, but cider's serious stuff)


...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 16 September 2004 10.22am
Magners is sold in Dublin and in Belfast.

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Thursday 16 September 2004 10.26am

"Tharg Towers " ???

I imagine tall silver space-age towers with a landing pad for spaceships to deliver cider at the top.
Thursday 16 September 2004 10.26am
And Lewisham
Thursday 16 September 2004 11.10am
Don't be silly. You haven't got Lewisham at the top of Tharg Towers.

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 16 September 2004 8.29pm
My introduction to Cider came via 'Stag'...being an innocent 21 year old (and an ex-trainee nun, don't forget), I had never acquired a taste for beer (still haven't)...but the night before my 22nd birthday, in a local 'disco' I was introduced to Stag....funnily enough after that all my friends who happened to be boys looked like potential boyfriends...

Some cider sold in tinnies in Ireland reminds me of old public libraries - it has a very curious taste. I have tasted cider in Normandy - a different kettle of fish (well, not really) altogether. Cider in tinnies which is made in the U.K. is very sweet - but the worst I've ever tasted was Bulmer's Light (perhaps you have Magner's Light) - it tastes so awful that it is an excellent aid to weight loss - you'd pour it down the sink rather than drink it!

I have tasted stuff that's 6 or 7% in the U.K. - White Lightening or something - as I have already documented, it gives one a very warm glow as one pigs out on reduced Tesco salad in one's Travelodge..

On a serious note though, it did change my life, discovering the old Cider - I was far less inhibited (funny that!) and acquired the courage to converse with a wide variety of people.
That enhanced my social life, but I am aware that I am darn lucky not to have got totally

And still on an apple-y theme, I have fond memories of drinking snapps in Cologne around New Year's 1985 - at a Taize (religious) convention. A group of us took refuge in a pub (to avoid frostbite), and I remember two lively nurses from Sheffield proposing a toast:

'To Margaret Thatcher, may her bowels move often and painfully'.
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