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Thursday 16 September 2004 9.57am

Has anyone got a good hangover cure?
Please help.
Thursday 16 September 2004 10.03am
Egg McMuffins, orange juice and nurofen.
Thursday 16 September 2004 10.08am

FarmerDJ - the most important contributing factor in making a hangover unbearable is being at work, worst of all in an office. If you are in work right now, you must take steps to address this immediately.

Step away from the desk! Turn off your computer (use the plug, no need to log out). Go straight to your boss's desk. Say...

"I feel sick, (try and bulge your eyes out at this point) and I have to go to the Doctor" No further elaboration is necessary or even required. Most people will not pry into your illness in a work environment. Go straight home. Go to bed for an hour. Watch Countdown (" I will have a Consonant Carol") and Fifteen to one. Eat chocolate biscuits. Look out the window at the blue sky and remind yourself that life, although short, is also beautiful.

If you are not at work - go back to bed.
Thursday 16 September 2004 10.29am

Thanks red bus.
In normal circumstances your course of action would indeed be a sensible one to take, unfortunately it was people from the office with whom I was drinking last night so my "illness" plea would probably not wash.
I have also done the selfless act of donating my last Alka Seltzer to my boss who is looking decidedly worse than action I am now horribly regretting.
Thursday 16 September 2004 1.47pm
Water, just water. A hangover is basically nothing else than a shortage of water as result of low level of ADH (antidiuretic hormone) a hormone that controls water retention in the body. The more alcohol (or other diuretics) you drink the more water you loose.
Thursday 16 September 2004 1.52pm
buy some soft herring roes , put them in a bowl, toss them in flour, fry some butter, pick up roes, trying not to drop them on your bare feet, then see them curl up in the pan, this procedure is guanteed to make your stomach evacuate the previous evenings booze!
Thursday 16 September 2004 3.41pm
The cure for a mouth like an old flip-flop and a belly like the carbonated Thames water:

water, water, water...

and a large English at Al's Cafe...

and a cup of tea...

and some Alka Seltzer XS...

and more tea...

once digested a large bottle of Lucozade Original...

more tea...

Bien joué...
Thursday 16 September 2004 4.22pm
I would never suggest Alka Seltzer XS, because they contain two active ingredients to help get the problem out of you as quick as possible (at either end - I hope I don't need to draw pictures!). that's why mine actually past their use by date (by about two years!) before I realised and threw them away.

I would recomend, soluble disprin (or paracetamol), a pint of squash, a can of cherry coke, a big burp, and lots more sleep.... and a fry up when you can manage it (three hours earlier if possible).

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