Get yourself a tin of 3 in 1 or WD-40.

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Friday 1 October 2004 10.31pm
I had double glazing installed last week and the care instructions
recommended oiling the joints every now and again. Today I bought a
tin of 3 in 1 for £1.99 at woolies and oiled all the windows. Then I decided
to oil all the hinges on all the doors, then the door handles.
Then a brainwave. I put a drop of oil on both sides of the yale and chubb
keys and wiggled them in the locks. What a difference. Why, the whole
flat is gliding silently. Not a squeak to be heard anywhere. If a burglar
breaks in tonight I won't hear a thing.
Saturday 2 October 2004 11.18am
I had the same brainwave a while back and felt really pleased with myself for 'mending' a lock I thought was on the way out. That is, until I noticed the oil stains on all the clothes which had had my keys in the pocket.
Monday 4 October 2004 1.17pm
Very different products for very different functions, in fact, Phoney TM.

If you have a stuck lock, then WD40 is just the thing, as it is an excellent solvent, and so will dissolve the mess of dust & old oil.

However, as it is volatile, it will evaporate, and will the leave the oil/dust mess stuck where it has been moved to - and probably set harder than before. So once you've freed the lock, add some 3-in-1.

If you're just lubricating locks, leave off the WD40 & use 3-in-1 (or, my favourite, a can of Lithium Spray grease (made by 3-in-1) available from Halfords).
Monday 4 October 2004 3.09pm
Which one would I use for pigs, please, or is there another specialist grease that would be better suited for the purpose?

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 4 October 2004 3.46pm
::Shakes head in non-comprehension::
Monday 4 October 2004 3.57pm
Or for poles. I've often wondered what works best for poles.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 4 October 2004 4.26pm
poles like goose fat
Monday 4 October 2004 4.31pm
What about slopes?
Monday 4 October 2004 6.01pm
my venus fly trap likes prawns
Tuesday 5 October 2004 9.35am
Roadrunner wrote:
> my venus fly trap likes prawns

Typical! After a sensible discussion, someone always comes along and spoils it.

(Slopes like Pledge, or Mr Sheen, I think)

...if you press it, they will come.
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