know when your getting old when.....

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Monday 4 October 2004 8.04am
you send off for a catalogue called " Fat Face " and find the largest size is an 18....

You find yourself calculating how much per inch is a mini skirt - thirteen inches long at a cost of thirty pounds...

You look at fleecy tops at forty pounds plus and realise you have seen the same thing in Primark for a tenth of the price....

The jeans look like they have been in the bagwash and been bleached by mistake, then mangled....

then find your daughter agreeing with you!

p.s. the bagwash was a service provided by an establishment in Long Lane, called either Maxwells or Sun Light, you had a large sack with a number printed on, all towels - sheets anything that could be boiled and bleached, it was tipped into indivudual took it there monday and collected it tuesday, still wet but smelling look a swimming pool!
Monday 4 October 2004 9.07am
....when frankly, you'd rather have a cup of tea and watch "Parky" than go to the all night rave.....

......when 8 pints of snake bite and 7 tequila slammers DOES actually sound a bit excessive, now that you think about it.....

......when you find yourself thinking that it's sure not possible for that young man to be OLD ENOUGH to be a doctor?......

......when you decide, prior to a "big" night out that the red ponyskin boots might look foxy, but let's face it, they're going to kill your feet after 15 mins, so you opt for the comfy ones instead........

.....when you've got a big meeting the next day and you actually refuse the 3rd bottle of red that you'd usually neck with one of your girly mates......... find yourself writing stuff on here about being old and realise - it's official - you have become your mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday 4 October 2004 9.18am
I realised I was probably old before my time when a few years back (while still in my thirties), I used to try and get home from the office leaving do's in the pub just in time to ...

see Gardener's World on BB2 at 8.30 p.m.!

I am liking the sound of that bagwash...just the thing I need to get the make-up marks off our towels after teenage daughter has been near them.

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Monday 4 October 2004 11.06am
For me:

can't be bothered with learning to text, use e-bay, use a digital camera, have a camera phone, have an i-pod, a palm top organiser, hair gel,

given up going to see live gigs and festivals, because I've accepted I've been disappointed more often than not

clubbing, what's that?

started to imagine a farm in the country where I'll live self sufficiently with lots of animals

regularly order cups of tea in the pub

rave more about jasmine tea than beer or wine

started slipping nips of whisky into my tea

always want to sit down in the pub and avoid ones which are noisy or smoky

started reading the business and property pages and chatting about them
Monday 4 October 2004 1.18pm
AND a big thank you to David M for making me feel young again - the pony skin boots maybe out but I've just realised that things aren't as bad as I thought as I am clearly still young and foolish.........

I have an ipod, a digital camera, still go to festivals, use text on a regular basis AND use e-bay! yippee!!!!

mind you the farm with lots of animals sounds nice...............
Monday 4 October 2004 1.42pm
When you don't need hair gel...............
Monday 4 October 2004 2.58pm
.......'Jan the old one' mentioned the bagwash - I knew what it was and did not need the explanation - ours went to Harper Road.
Wednesday 6 October 2004 10.22am
Eileen...greetings.....I never knew there was a bagwash in Harper Road, thats another one on our list!...Do you remember the american evangelist Billy Graham having a meeting in a large tent in Harper Road? it was early fifties I think...

It was the bomb site immediately by the park, cant think of the name of newish flats ( compared to Rockingham).near where the William fourth pub. I remember being dragged there, excited by the fact that it was a different species..i.e. a Yank!
Wednesday 6 October 2004 11.37am
Jan - hello....
The bagwash shop was next door to 'Wallys' the sweet shop - the bags went to Long Lane and you paid extra to have it dried. The shop later became a bakery. But I don't remember Billy Graham on what we called the 'the bomb site/ruins' that is now Newall House. I recall I was not allowed to go there in case I 'caught a germ that would go to my brain and make me have fits'! The only celeb I remember seeing was Cliff Richard when he was at the Troc at the Elephant - I waited for hours outside the stage door. Happy days........
Wednesday 6 October 2004 2.00pm
My sister went to see Bill Hayley at the Troc. rubbed it in my face because I never went and she learnt all this new fangled dancing....then spent the next month oclock/two o'clock/three o'clock rock etc.,

spent all my errand running / tarry log selling money on net from east lane to make petticoats that we then soaked in sugar water to make stand out, then when they snagged our stockings, bought a weird fabric that you had to soak also in sugar, trouble was when it got warm you would attract wasps!...I wish I could relive just a month of those years...:-)
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