Band Aid 20

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Tuesday 16 November 2004 10.01am
Heard it for the first time this morning. I actually really liked it (despite the awful rap bit).

Chris Martin and my mate Joss Stone were the stand out artists - oh and Bono too!

I'm going to buy copies for Christmas pressies this year - it all helps a good cause.

What do you other SE1-ers think of it?
Tuesday 16 November 2004 10.28am
I heard it this morning on Capital, and yes the rap bit did seem a bit ... odd?

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Thursday 18 November 2004 1.23am
Just another lame Geldof attempt to get some spotlight on his arse. Band Aid is sooo last century!
Thursday 18 November 2004 8.57am
I hardly think that the plight of millions starving in Africa is "soooo last century!"

What planet have you just stepped off?

And as for lame attempt, I would consider that raising over 50 million for charity to be quite an achievement. Cadmus - when you achieve something worthwhile in your life, get back to me.
Friday 19 November 2004 2.44am
I hate to brake it to you, but do you really think that all of the money will get there? Big Dave, when you get a reality check, get back to me.
Friday 19 November 2004 8.27am
Hasty Cadmus maybe you're a little tired from your early morning postings?
maybe you need to get your 'reality cheque' book out.
Dave is right that this is quite an acheivement (50m) but if you have proof
that all the money doesn't 'get there' (as you cynically hinted at) then get back to me too.

I, by the way hate the song and the idea is infact last century as you pointed out, but it's not really about that is it!

As for that big yellow bear with one eye... well...
Friday 19 November 2004 9.23am
For all those who hate the song and can't bring themselves to buy it, but would still like to contribute to a worthy cause, may I suggest:

And Cadmus, (IMHO) if only 10% of the money ever actually gets there - it's a damn sight better than the nothing that's getting there at the moment.
Anonymous User
Friday 19 November 2004 9.46am
Back to Big Dave's original query... what do we think of it?

I heard it (& saw the video) for the first time last night feel it has none of the charm of the original, largely I guess because the idea and the song aren't origianl but also because it is such a slick production in comparison. Also in comparison the line up was pretty dull -undoubtedly some talented singers / musicians but not a great deal of charisma.

And... why did Bono get to keep his line?

All in all I can't knock the sentiment but thought the outcome was disappointing.

IMO obviously.
Friday 19 November 2004 10.49am
A reality that available on the NHS or do I have to go private?
Friday 19 November 2004 11.55am
If we were all so cynical as Cadmus, surely nothing would be achieved. It's no use saying that you don't give to charity because you think the money is not going to be used as it should. Of course charities should be accountable but there is also an element of trust and good faith involved. Band Aid, along with charities like Oxfam have made a remarkable difference in many areas of the third world. It's a fact that as the problems are on such a huge scale, that more money is needed.

I feel that going to HMV and buying a CD is better than giving your bank details to a complete stranger on the street. Having spoken to people who manage big charities, setting up direct debits is a sucessful fund-raising mechanism, even though I prefer not to be accosted on the street on a daily basis by bib-wearing clipboard-clutchers.

As for a reality check, Cadmus. Having worked in the third world myself for a charity, and my first patient that died was a 15 year old boy with diahorrea, I would say that I have a pretty good grip of reality.
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