Phone calls that wind me up

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Wednesday 24 November 2004 8.16pm
I work from home in SE1 and during the day I get phone calls like these:

"Good morning/afternoon bmovie. If I said I could save you money on telephone charges/credit card bills/utility bills/double glazing/window refurb/kitchen refurb/interest charges etc..etc I'm sure you'd be interested"

The calls are always made by people with an Indian accent and before they speak there is usually a 2 second delay - or it's automated recording telling me that I have won a huge prize/free refurb etc..etc.. These automated calls are even more annoying because if I put the phone down and pick it up 45 seconds later the thing is still blabbing on.

My questions are these:
Does anyone else suffer this crap?
Does anyone know how to stop these crap calls coming in?
Wednesday 24 November 2004 8.28pm
Oh god...another one:
"Congratulations bmovie, you have won either £1000 in cash or £100 in travel vouchers. All you have to do is call this number and register your claim (calls cost £1 per minute and will take no longer than 5 minutes"

Wednesday 24 November 2004 8.43pm
I read that the people who work in the Indian call centres always choose a name that is more
friendly to the UK. The consumer lifestyle people ring me 3/4 times a week and when they say
this is 'Mike' or 'Jim' or 'Sharon', I always ask " what's your real name?" They then protest that
they've given me their real name. I then say "that's your call centre alias, but what's your real name?"
They then bluster a bit and I say since you can't be trusted to give your real name, how can I trust
anything else you say. Now though I just drop the phone as they just won't give up.
Last week a female voice started giving me a sales pitch and I started to snore. She called me a
f****** w***** and put the phone down.
The call centres have automatic dialling and half the time they don't have enough sales people to
cope with the number being answered so you often answer and there's no one there. It's just one
of the hazards of modern life. BT did give me a number to block them but I didn't bother as I doubt
if it stops them completely.
Wednesday 24 November 2004 9.03pm
You can stop unsolicited calls by registering your details with the Telephone Preference Service. It's free of charge, and you can do it online at this website:

It takes about a month for your details to filter through, but after that, if you receive an unsolicited call, the user can be fined.

I registered with them about 3 months ago. The calls haven't stopped entirely, but I get far fewer than I used to (only one every week or so, compared to the 10-15 a day I received before), and as soon as I tell people I am registered, they can't get off the phone quickly enough.

Wednesday 24 November 2004 9.26pm
I ask them to provie me with their home numbers in order that I can call them and try and sell them crap they haven't asked for, oddly enough, they're a little reluctant.
Wednesday 24 November 2004 11.35pm
I definitely recommend the Telephone preference Service as suggested by TLMJJ above. I have had only ONE marketing call since registering a couple of years ago.
Thursday 25 November 2004 10.10am
They drive me mad. I'd say out of ten calls I get to my home number, 9 of them are some sort of marketing call. Before they even get to the end of their first sentance I hang up. Thanks for the like to the Telephone Preference Service, I'm going to register right now!
Thursday 25 November 2004 11.05am
I'm getting odd text messages on my mobile, giving me a link to 'my next photo'. I do have a Wap enabled phone, but not one with a colour/picture screen, so I wondered how it would work... and I bet they're charging me everytime they send me a text!
Thursday 25 November 2004 11.38am
Thanks for the tip, TLMJJ
Thursday 25 November 2004 11.58am
Thanks TLMJJ, just what I needed. The silent calls drive me mad as well as recorded marketing calls in which I am told I won first class return tickets to Miami. I receive these nearly every day.
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