Union Chapel Closure

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Wednesday 15 December 2004 2.47pm
I have no idea whether any difference can be made to the decision to close the Union Chapel as a music venue but UCP are encouraging people to protest by email. It costs nothing and can't hurt. Have a look at http://www.unionchapel.org.uk/ and send them some support. Really sad.
Wednesday 15 December 2004 3.09pm
If he is so against the sinfulness of boozing, will the new Pastor be raising the funds from his congregation to repay the 550,000 grant towards the new roof from the equally sinful national lottery?
Wednesday 15 December 2004 4.10pm
How bizarre. Can't see how this sort of attitude fits in with Christian texts (and I'm sticking to New Testament, not digging up the wilder corners of the OT).

"This is my blood...."

The wedding at Cana

Vinegar on the cross (I'm sure those righteous souls only brewed wine in order to turn it into vinegar ;0) )

(I'd like to retreat behind an "It's really none of my business because I'm not in the church, and as long as they keep within the law they can really do what they want {as long as they then abandon all claims to represent anyone beyond their own small congregations}". However, given that our church has the legacy of being so intimately tied in to the rest of society over so many centuries (e.g. they have kept control of quantities of land and other assets which are way out of proportion to their participation in today's society), I think even non-members are entitled to their say on some level.

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 15 December 2004 4.41pm
Could it have been 10 years ago that I was dragged along to the Union Chapel, to see Lisa Gerrard? Bored, and already very drunk, I left half way through to visit a pub across the road. I thought I'd liven up what I thought was a very dull performance, by buying a dozen bags of crisps. I had a brainwave on the way back in: I took all my clothes off, rolled them under my arm, and then excuse me'd my way back along the pews full of po-faced Goths, to where my appalled friends were sitting. Once I'd regained my seat, I munched my way very loudly through the crisps. Ah, happy days, my companions still refuse to laugh about that night to this day. I went on to see many acts at the Union Chapel, everything from Laibach to Russian Choral music. It is London's finest venue, with a beautiful interior, and wonderful acoustics, and I think it a great shame, were we to lose it. I shall add my name.

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