Newbie coming to town! :-)

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Tuesday 28 December 2004 5.03pm
Hello all. I am new to this forum, so please b gentle wiv me. lol

I have enjoyed posting frenzies on many other forums in the past, but I have searched for and joined a forum on life in Londons SE because I will shortly be moving to the area after having been born and bred overseas.

Without revealing 2 much bout myself, as it takes away the mystery.... I have enjoyed a British Education at a British School here (in my secret location! ;-) ), have completed my undergraduate degree and am now on my way 2 study at the Uni of Greenwich at Avery Hill.

I will b there from Jan 8th onwards, for a year, and was hoping to make a few m8's b4 I get my feet on the ground in London. Its always gr8 2 meet new peeps and any info and advice that any of u have will earn u a drink on me when I am there! :-) I think that shud b a good incentive. lol.

I hope 2 get 2 know sum of u on this forum in the near future. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if u want to have a chat.

Note: This was written by:
The panic stricken Newbie, who is about to make a life changing trip 2 London,

Tuesday 28 December 2004 6.19pm
Welcome. But please don't use text-speak here.

Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Friday 31 December 2004 10.55am
Because some of us are too old to understand it.........
Tuesday 4 January 2005 12.20pm
and others just find it tedious and annoying (a bit like myself!)....

but welcome to the glorious mix of SE1! you'll love it, or loathe it, and maybe eventually leave it. Either way you'll definitely have fun!

Hurrah for the newbie!
Tuesday 4 January 2005 1.39pm
How marvellously, gloriously incomprehensible.

Youth of the 1920s adopted quite a different approach. Here is an extract from the Chemistry exercise book of a 17-year old E. Waugh, inserted in a letter home to his father.

"My chief activity at the moment is a guerrilla warfare with Treble, the science master. We simply hate each other and spend the whole time trying to score off each other. I am about three up still, although I got detention for impertinence yesterday. My latest piece of hubris is to write my science essay in blank verse. I don't think he will spot it as I have written it as prose and he is most illiterate. Here's a sample:

"This figure shows the apparatus used
For making oxygen. The flask is held
Upon a tripod and on wire gauze
At B, and heated by the flame of C,
A Bunsen burner, and a long glass tube
Convey the gas down to the water trough,
Which, bubbling through the water, fills the jar
At E. The piece of rubber tube at F,
Is there to disconnect the tube and flask,
That when the air contracts as it grows cold,
It does not suck the water up the tube
Nor break the flask.

"Please don't think that I am on the road to ruin. This is really done more out of curiosity than anything to see if he can spot it. I doubt that he would notice it even if it were in rhyming hexameters."

Tuesday 4 January 2005 1.56pm
wot is e tlkng about?

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 4 January 2005 4.44pm
Is that the text version of Mapmakers opening comment "How marvellously, gloriously incomprehensible"?

As Jon says, welcome to the marvellous mix of SE1.
Tuesday 4 January 2005 10.37pm
Face81, lovely to hear from you. This is a cracking site (can't put it any simpler than that).

James Hatts, well said, so few words, polite too. You'd make a good sub editor.

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