Shower gel vs. Soap

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Thursday 6 January 2005 3.11pm
Who wins?
Thursday 6 January 2005 3.16pm
depends what you're doing with it?!
Thursday 6 January 2005 3.33pm
Jame5 - your bath/ shower is big enough to play games in with a partner...?
Thursday 6 January 2005 4.58pm
shower gel is a deviant product. soap does the job perfectly well, is easy to hold and use, and doesn't stick to you and require 5 hours of rinsing.

there is no use arguing with this. it is the irrefutable truth.

...if you press it, they will come.
Anonymous User
Thursday 6 January 2005 5.10pm
Proper coal tar soap too... none of your newfangled perfumed stuff.
Thursday 6 January 2005 5.29pm
I use shower gel and one of those puffy things that froths it up. (What are they called? I can't recall.) I find it very quick and easy to apply, and it rinses off very quickly, too. Ivanhoe, you must be using shower gel incorrectly. Would you like me to come round and show you how it's done? <snigger>

I do use soap on my face, though.

Friday 7 January 2005 1.30am
Original Source - Rose and Geranium. Yummy.
Friday 7 January 2005 10.30am
how is soap easy to hold?
it's not easy to hold
it's slippery when wet
Friday 7 January 2005 11.21am
no. that's bon jovi, or whitesnake, or somesuch.

Soap is perfectly easy to hold in all circumstances except slapstick routines and comic strips. It also has no nozzle or other thingy to undo before you can use it. Nor does it wash out of your hand while you are trying to hold a bit of it just for a second while you're trying to find somewhere to hang the stupid bottle so as to leave some hands free for actually washing.

I don't doubt TULMJJ's assertions that shower gel can be made to work in a satisfactory manner when used in conjunction with a puffy scrubber (which, I think you'll find, is the official name for the hair scrunchy that one can shower with). However, I would see that as another example of why shower gel is rubbish.


...if you press it, they will come.
Friday 7 January 2005 1.16pm
Jan - in response to your question, playing games in my bath would only result in water displacement!

I used Original Mint Source shower gel yesterday, and it left my whole body feeling chilly when the breeze blew. You know when you suck a mint then inhale sharply - that's what it felt like!

I can't stand bars of soap, but also don't like those puffy things that TLMJJ mentioned. I just wondered if anyone else would admit to the more natural solution for getting a lather I saw a mock advertisement for a shower merking for that purpose the other day...
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