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Anonymous User
Monday 10 January 2005 5.30pm
Anyone know a decent outlet for buying gym shoes (in or outside of W1)?

I've bought two new pairs recently and after one session in the gym have realised that they aren't right for me. I've not been able to find anywhere offering decent advice, Lillywhites, JJB Sports etc all (in my experience) staffed by youngsters with no actual knowledge of what shoe would be best for me.

Anyway - I desperately need to put the hours in and my old shoes are on their last legs - any ideas?
Monday 10 January 2005 5.47pm
If it's a matter of needing extra support for your feet because they pronate, or an unusual width, try a cross-trainer from New Balance

New Balance london dealers list
Tuesday 11 January 2005 9.35am
What exactly are your needs Birdie? You predominantly run when you're at the gym? Or are you looking for something light for ease of movement?
Anonymous User
Tuesday 11 January 2005 9.53am
Mostly for use cycling, treadmill, cross trainer. When I've regained a better level of fitness possibly for classes too.

My feet aren't abnormally wide or with any strange protrusions but if I get an uncomfortable shoe it severely hinders what I can do - the last pair left my feet tingling horribly by half way through a session.

A friend suggested Aasic trainers but I've not even seen them in any stores.
Tuesday 11 January 2005 10.53am
Having joined the gym at the weekend, I have just treated myself to a pair of gym shoes. I know JJB assistants aren't particularly knowledgeable - but in my local one all the shoes were seperated into categories - street, running, training etc.

Basically (this is the case for men - unsure about women, but presume it is the same), you will find that the meshy trainers are the ones intended for running etc. Don't go for the ones without mesh in the upper - they won't let your feet breathe.

I ended up getting a Reebok pair off the clearance rack - very very comfy, not too hideous (like most meshy men's trainers are) and a reasonable price. Even the ones not on sale are a sensible price in their New Year Sale. Have a gander on their website -, and see which ones you like the look of with mesh patches.

Immediately in the women's section I saw these:

They look pleasant enough. Just make sure you DON'T get something like this:

which are an all-leather upper, and although they will be comfy, they will get very hot and uncomfortable very quickly.

They also have an Ascic trainer:

Hope that helps...

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Tuesday 11 January 2005 11.04am
Hello lovely. Cannons sell gym shoes, including Asics, and I imagine they'll be able to give you good advice about what to get, too. The Asics website has a store-finder:

Tuesday 11 January 2005 11.10am
Imagine what they used to do before the invention of high-tec (not the brand name) trainers.

It's no wonder that I wasn't a sports star at school.

I will now blame it on the plimsols and Green Flash (which I'm sure are now "ironically" trendy).

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 11 January 2005 11.12am
They were selling Green Flash shoes in Offspring a couple of years ago for about 30 quid!
Anonymous User
Tuesday 11 January 2005 11.12am
Thank you for the advice - seems I find a comfy pair and then they go & stop making them - I had no joy at JJB in the West End but perhaps the one on the OKR is a bit better?
Anonymous User
Tuesday 11 January 2005 11.39am
I'd wear those black plimsoles with the elastic bit across the front if they were comfy enough - I'm getting on a bit now - need to take precautions against injuring myself!
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