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Friday 21 January 2005 10.54am
we are having an argument my colleague Tracey and I , as to the contents of a faggott...she thinks the only meat is pigs liver, i thought all the offal was used....can anyone offer advice as she's about to get a faggot or even worse up her nostril! :-)
Friday 21 January 2005 11.18am
from Larousse Gastronomique

Faggot - A ball of coarsley minced pork and liver mixed with breadcrumbs, onion and herbs and wrapped in caul fat.

Caul fat (i had to look this up too) - A thin membrane veined with fat that encases the stomach of animals, particularly that of the pig
Friday 21 January 2005 11.36am
I have just come across a recipe for faggots in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall The River Cottage Meat book - fantastic book. His faggots contain, pigs liver, fatty pork scraps or coarse sausage meat and Pigs heart, also ham or bacon scraps. So I guess as with many recipes there is more than one way to make a faggot - no smutty comments please
Friday 21 January 2005 12.59pm
several dry bits of wood, that will burn easily, all roughly the same length, tied together. Usually found under a witch!
Friday 21 January 2005 1.03pm
Definitely lots of variations on a basic theme which is pigs liver, minced pork, onions, breadcrumbs & herbs.
After that add whatever else you fancy and debate whether it should have plain or onion gravy.
Remember "Brains" faggotts? V.offputting brand name if you ask me - tasted good though!
Friday 21 January 2005 1.38pm
Thanks a bunch folks...or should I say thanks a faggot JonR...lmao....
Friday 21 January 2005 10.15pm
I just had them for dinner. The main ingredients of mine (Iceland pack of 6) were pork, pork-liver, onion and rusk.

(For anyone interested, they seemed a little more stodgy than Mr Brain's, and didn't quite have enough gravy for my liking.)
Friday 21 January 2005 11.44pm
Stan's faggots are tops.
Monday 24 January 2005 12.17pm
Ha! - I've not made faggots for a while - The ones I gave you would have come from one of the many Forest of Dean butchers who still make their own. When I do make them, they contain a mix of: minced pork, bacon, liver, onions and bread crumbs. This is held together with a piece of caul fat. Caul fat is slightly tricky to get hold of in London, one butcher I approached could only get it in industrial quantities. The problem was solved by the good people at The Ginger Pig.
I noticed Porterfords, in Bow Lane, offering "faggots" last week, I'm not too sure about these as they were raw (they should always be cooked) and didn't appear to have any offal in them, although I can understand their reluctance to cook them, wasn't it somebody's faggots that caused an outbreak of fire in Pudding Lane?
Wednesday 26 January 2005 8.03am
I have never cooked a faggot Stan, do you bake them?
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