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Tuesday 8 February 2005 2.36pm
.....but, what could one buy if one wanted a pair of trainers and didn't want them to be from an American company?

(I know they make New Balance here, but they're a US co.)

[edited to add, in the light of recent humbuggery: In case anyone is in any doubt, I don't mind if any of you want to make a few jokes on this thread, and I promise not to get all stroppy if you do. Especially if you then go on to answer my question (for which I will probably not thank you and will then disappear from the forum until the next time I want something)]

...if you press it, they will come.

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Tuesday 8 February 2005 2.48pm
How about a nice pair of Swedish trainers .. tall, blonde, fit - would have you in shape in no time!
Tuesday 8 February 2005 2.54pm
Puma is a German company (Puma AG) ...any good for you ?

Although, I should say in the interests of full and frank disclosure, that US / non US company branded trainers are probably all made in the same factories in Indonesia, China etc, and under the same kinds of questionable working conditions - did a quick google for "Fair Trade Trainers" and didn't come up with much - a gap in the market perhaps ?

edited to say, other than this:

Get Ethical

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Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.09pm
Thanks Siduhe. The manufacture thing is a concern (I should have said), and that's what puts me off Puma and Adidias. I was so happy to find out that New Balance were made in the UK, and so sad to find that they are not actually British.

(And I do realise that this is a drop in the ocean etc etc etc. I'm just toying with the idea of giving up America for Lent)

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.09pm
Make your own: cut up some old scooter tyres, paint some stripes/flashes/chevrons/union flags/whatever on the side, lace them up - and before you know it, all the kids will be knocking on your door (and laughing at you probably).
Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.14pm
opening up to all sorts of jolly food-related comments I expect, but here goes...

There's the Vegetarian Shoe company in Brighton (but they sell all over the place of course, including online). I had a quick look and they do trainers (well they look like trainers to me). Possibly too trendy/expensive/right-on but maybe worth a look if you're looking for ethically sourced footwear...

"Most of our shoes are made-to-order for us, exclusively to our specification in European and English factories, including the oldest co-op in the country, established in 1881!"

And avoid buying online just to give yourself an excuse for an afternoon in Brighton...


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Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.19pm
And I could go on my scooter (which would need a new tyre soon, so I could try Stan's idea as well).

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.23pm
indeed - the Mod fashion & scooter shop in Brighton is about 20 yards across the street from the Veggie shoe shop . . you could buy a spare while they're wrapping up your shoes

Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.24pm
There was a EU backed survey published on these kinds of issues a couple of years ago. Funnily enough, I can't find it on any european website, but there is a summary on the NZ Consumer organisation page:

Click here
Tuesday 8 February 2005 3.36pm
Thanks, all of you.


I'm an impulsive Ivanhoe today, and have just called up the nice vegetarians of Brighton and ordered a pair of their finest. (They even sell to carnivores!)]

Thanks again. I love this site. Even those of you who don't make cider are nice people.

...if you press it, they will come.
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