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Wednesday 2 March 2005 12.32pm
Now listen, this is SERIOUS. This posting thing is getting the better of me, and, unless I'm mistaken, I'm not alone. What is to be done about this postmania, this site-dependency, it's turning into some sort of obsessive-compulsive thing-y. Should we call a doctor? Should we go and sit in the middle of a moor and commune with nature? Should we be locked up and manacled? Should wejust get drunk on cider? Are all you beautiful young people frittering your lives away (the Professor and I have already done that) and neglecting gainful employment and lucrative promotions in favour of this forum? The Government should ACT!
Wednesday 2 March 2005 12.53pm
All very well, but there are less civilised addictions.
Wednesday 2 March 2005 1.49pm
You know what they say - hair of the dog....
Wednesday 2 March 2005 2.05pm
yes we should be locked up (for the safety of mankind), but only if there is a pc available with internet access.
I know about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder), and I think it's unlikely that anyone has got forumitis that badly.
Anonymous User
Wednesday 2 March 2005 5.19pm
Just how much time do you addicts spend on this forum? I hardly ever look at it...
Wednesday 2 March 2005 5.49pm
I tend to have a peek every time I send emails, which is usually several times a day.
Wednesday 2 March 2005 6.10pm
yep - same for me - several times a day
Wednesday 2 March 2005 8.28pm
Like JonR I literally look every time I get to my computer which is on and off all day....sick, sick....I am now sitting writing to you when I should be at the book club except that the Professor has gone and dug his heels in that he's NOT going out on a night like this...and I'm too bloody wet to go alone, because it is (wet I mean). And cold and blowy. And the car has sieized up because we havent driven it for two months and the battery is DEAD as the Dodo. However, I will go on Friday to the Oak regardless and he can stay home if he wants. I guess I spend a good three quarters of an hour on this site every day one way or another. That, my dears. works out to about ELEVEN DAYS A YEAR....I mean - REALLY!!!!
Thursday 3 March 2005 12.29am
Three quarters of an hour?

Is that all?

Thursday 3 March 2005 12.41am
I can't think of a better way to spend 11 days a year! (I do the other stuff in the remaining 354). I adore chatting with all of you & spend about an hour a day in the Forum. (Mind you, Mr P. thinks I'm nuts - but then he's a technophobe. I like to remind him that he wouldn't have found the "pub that cannot be named", which is now his local, without this site!)
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