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Tuesday 8 March 2005 9.12pm
Has anyone tried one? Can they really be fitted onto a small balcony? Is the compost good? And what happens if you go away on holiday?
Tuesday 8 March 2005 10.47pm
Aha, wormeries! The answers are yes, yes, yes and the worms seem to look after themselves fine - though if you went for more than a month or two and it was very hot or cold you might want to get someone to check over them.

I have a wooden one (made by St. Mungo's homeless men, under a fab scheme run by CRISP - community recycling in Southwark project). The plastic ones are a bit different. There are not many of these CRISP wormeries in circulation, but some of the other Forum posters have them too.

I can talk wormery for hours - any more questions??? You are welcome to come for an inspection visit too - PM me if you like.
Tuesday 8 March 2005 11.16pm
Oh thank you - I've heard of CRISP ... are you perchance going to be socialising on Thursday? Not sure I could sustain hours of conversation about worms, but wouldn't mind a quick chat!!!
Tuesday 8 March 2005 11.28pm
Dont worry, I can talk about other things too! I will be going on Thursday, but not till about 10pm as I have an exam beforehand. See you there.
Wednesday 9 March 2005 11.12am
Julie I have one of the wooden wormeries that tulmjj mentions which is going spare and you are welcome to have if you want to give it a go. Mine was resaonably sucessful but as I am ina household of four and also a cookery writer who cooks a lot at home, I was producing just too much food waste for them to cope with. They were pretty efficient with what I did feed them but once I started not to throw away all my compostable waste I found it frustrating throwing the excess away. I ended up getting a compost heap cheap from the council and squeezing it into my tiny garden. The worms are now happily chomping their way through my waste in that. Also have a good book on the subject but do not suggest this title for the book club. I am also going to be at the social on thursday so see me then or private message me (it has been suggested that you and I are almost neighbours so I was hoping to meet you.)

Wednesday 9 March 2005 1.04pm
Wednesday 9 March 2005 1.20pm

Don't hold back on the title of the book. (I imagine it's a relatively short tome, so) we could have a two-short-but-practical-books month and do your book on worms, alongside "Starting with chickens" (a great read. Thoroughly recommended).

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 9 March 2005 2.07pm
The Book Club must be filled in on these riveting reads. Wormeries! Golly.
Wednesday 9 March 2005 2.58pm
The title of the book. Worms eat my garbage by Mary Appelhof (completely revised after 100,000 copies sold!) and a magnificent 162 pages. Having read this and Don't drop the Coffin, I know which one I would want to discuss.
Wednesday 9 March 2005 3.13pm
Great title. Sort of a la Bart Simpson.

"Worms! Eat my garbage!"

...if you press it, they will come.
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