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Monday 21 March 2005 7.17pm
Am I on my own in becoming increasingly uneasy every time a trailer for the new Doctor Who series comes on?
Monday 21 March 2005 8.03pm
Does it match the unease that you get when the only way to go is via a staircase?
Monday 21 March 2005 8.12pm
That's a filthy lie propogated by Time Lords and their Earth lackeys, it's no good trying to hide upstairs from us.
Monday 21 March 2005 8.49pm

I am informed by a dedicated watcher of the original series that there was an episode where one of your pioneering relatives used some type of propulsion to hover - no idea which era it was but they were absolutely on your side about the fact that it was indeed a lie to suggest you required a stanna lift to negotiate stairs - after all, you can't exactly sit down, can you?

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Monday 21 March 2005 10.49pm
I've been wanting to ask for some time: what is it that is making you irate?
Monday 21 March 2005 11.34pm
Wouldn't you be angry if you were the last remnants of the Kaled people of the planet Skaro, mutated by a centuries old war and thanks to some hideous experiments by one of your leading scientists, and your only way to travel around the universe (in order to satisfy your insane lust for power, caused in no small part by the mutation foisted on you) was in an tin can made of dalekanium ?


I also offer a very fuzzy image of a dalek climbing stairs...be afraid, be very afraid

*N.B. This may or may not be a serious sign of a mis-spent youth
Tuesday 22 March 2005 12.31am
janefs: You are quite correct, the hover device we use looks a bit like one of your Earth tea-trays.
Unlike: Everything makes me irate, in particular, the fact that our plan to completely dominate this quadrant of the galaxy, has missed the latest deadline - and is way over budget.
Siduhe: Davros isn't really mentioned in polite company these days, although he had some.......interesting ideas.
Tuesday 22 March 2005 9.16am
Ah, I see. I had previously thought your anger must be due to it beingterribly frustrating to miss out on all those things that happen upstairs, AND not be able to sit on stair-lifts through thoughtless design, but having been told about the tea-tray, I realised it must be something else that was causing your emotion management problem - thanks for explaining. All that anger is terribly bad for you though - have you tried Yoga?
Tuesday 22 March 2005 10.43am
yogic tea trays?
the lotus plunger position?
Tuesday 22 March 2005 12.34pm
Yes, I suppose Yoga might be difficult if you dont have any legs. What about meditation? Its really not healthy to be angry all the time. You should try and chill out a bit, AD, I 'm concerned for your blood pressure. You seem like quite a nice chap if it wasn't for all that agression.
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