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Anonymous User
Tuesday 19 April 2005 12.38pm
Can anyone help me with a latin query?

I'm arranging a conference in Rome and the theme (TIC) is "I came, I saw, I had a meeting"

I can remember Veni, Vidi from school but I'm struggling to find a translation of "I had a meeting"

Any pointers would be gratefully received, I've googled around and can find words for meeting but it's chaging the ending that is thwarting me!

Tuesday 19 April 2005 1.31pm
I did latin at AS level (god only knows why!) and am a bit rusty but i think "I had..." is the pluperfect tense so the ending would be eram - so probably something like conventiculeram which is a sort of assembly or congressueram which is more of a friendly meeting.

But a big health warning - i would have these checked as you might just want the past tense not the pluperfect (veni vidi are past tense) and also it depends on whether the people going to conference are likely to understand it/be very picky about it being the right endings!
Anonymous User
Tuesday 19 April 2005 1.41pm
Flick, that !! All input welcome.

I'm absolutely certain that only a small minority of the delegates will understand what comes after veni, vidi. We're going to print a dictionary style translation underneath for this very reason.

That said - there's bound to be at least one person who'll be picky if we get it wrong! Luckily it is quite a relaxed event though. Thanks for your help.
Tuesday 19 April 2005 2.14pm
Convoco is to call together or convene, so "Veni, Vidi, Convocti" might do it - "I came I saw I convened"

or Veni Vedi Dicti - I came, I saw, I spoke

or Disputi - I discussed

If I've conjugated the verbs properly of course. Maybe you should pop in to your nearest RC church and find an old rebellious priest who insists on still using Latin . . . or put a call in to Dulwich College, I bet they still teach it there... Or pop in to the Crown Court at lunchtime and ask a judge!

Bringing back memories of my dodgiest academic moment, Grade 6 (just passed) O Level Latin circa 1974, so it's a miracle (and slightly alarming) that anything is there to recall!

Just to be very boring - if it was "I had met", that would be pluperfect, but if the phrase is to "have a meeting", then I "had a meeting" surely is simple perfect, the same as Veni or Vidi, so you just need the ordinary past tense. Sorry, back in my pedant box now...

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Tuesday 19 April 2005 3.35pm
Veni, Vedi, Conveni
I came, I saw, I met
Tuesday 19 April 2005 3.40pm
Where is Rabbie?
Anonymous User
Tuesday 19 April 2005 3.43pm
You are all fab!

Thank you
Tuesday 19 April 2005 6.38pm
The Sarah Wrote:
> Where is Rabbie?
lurking, all my Latin being self-taught!

Tuesday 19 April 2005 6.40pm
Veni, vidi, visa

I came, i saw, I bought.
Wednesday 20 April 2005 1.58am
I'm in agreement with bmovie (& Mark) - "I came, I saw, I met" would be the most obvious literary allusion, so therefore:

"Veni, Vedi, Conveni"

And it has a certain ring to it too don't you think?
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