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Friday 20 May 2005 11.29am
Why oh why can London's daily newspaper not grasp that London has ONE telephone dialling code - 020 - which is followed by an eight-digit number.


"Londoners to get new dialling code"

"In 2002, codes were changed changed again to 0207 for inner and 0208 for outer London."

Grrr. It's not THAT hard to understand.

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Friday 20 May 2005 12.47pm
Why cannot anybody understand this. I get fed up of saying 'My number is 020 7123 4567' and being told 'Oh, that's a really strange number you've got beginning 020.'

It looks as though there will be a supplementary series of numbers, not that there will be yet another shakeup of the existing system.

Friday 20 May 2005 1.14pm
Or that when dialling an 020 7xxx xxxx number from another 020 7xxx xxxx you neeedn't use the 020.
Friday 20 May 2005 1.15pm
Neither time?

...if you press it, they will come.
Friday 20 May 2005 1.15pm
This from Ofcom web site:

"...available numbers beginning with a ‘7' or an ‘8' are now nearing exhaustion - and in the summer of 2005 a new sub range, beginning with a ‘3', will be opened up (i.e. (020) 3XXX XXX). All existing numbers beginning with a ‘7' or an '8' will remain unchanged. "


So we won't feel a thing, but people getting allocated new numbers might have 020 3123 4567 ... and then have to spend ages explaining to Evening Standard readers (and journalists) how it is the right number honest it is it's just one of the new ones no I don't know why they didn't get it right last time either it's so confusing isn't it oh dear how will we manage....
Friday 20 May 2005 1.30pm
The link above was to the research document: this is the policy document which explains it slightly more clearly:

and even more horrors for those to whom 020 7 means posh inner London and 020 8 means rough and nasty suburbs...:

"As the 1998 decision (see Q2) was to reunite London, Ofcom has decided it is not
appropriate to use a new range simply as a substitute for (020) 7, since this might
continue to give the wrong impression that inner and outer London have separate
area codes. Therefore (020) 3 numbers will be made available for allocation for use
throughout the Greater London area from 1 June 2005. To reinforce this Ofcom will
also suspend further allocation by it of (020) 7 and (020) 8 numbers from 1 June

so 020 3 just means "new", not "inner" or "outer" - a whole new social definition to worry about...

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Friday 20 May 2005 4.37pm
Oh dear, does that make us "old"? It's OK for us, we are old, but what about you gorgeous young things....?
Friday 20 May 2005 4.59pm
I like the "area code" sort of thing (that makes me know that e.g. 7403 is near the Roebuck). It always gives me a bit of warmth when you see a phone number, recognise the first part, and think "Oh, that must be somewhere near where so and so lives".

I realise this isn't a compelling reason to not issue the "3"s across the whole of London (even the smelly outer bits - never use the word "Greater" to refer to places beyond Zone 2. It just gives the barbarians ideas), but I'll be a little sad when they do.

...if you press it, they will come.
Friday 20 May 2005 5.16pm
we've just got a land line recently and we're 0207.
I don't get why you all think it's one code, clearly it's two different codes, 0207 and 0208.
coming from the provinces I've always been used to the fact that people have a six digit number and an area prefix, so 01905 is a Worcester Prefix, and 01305 is Norwich and 01306 is Northampton (i think, or something like that) and 0207 is London, and 0208 is also London.
makes sense to me.
Friday 20 May 2005 5.31pm
Yes. Except that the sense you've made of it isn't actually the truth.

...if you press it, they will come.
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