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Monday 30 May 2005 12.02pm
It's taken me 12 hours to install it, but I finally have a wireless broadband connection. And I've realised I know nothing at all about this sort of thing. The instructions given are supremely unhelpful as when you come across difficulties they tell you to contact the system administrator.... which isn't much good when that is me! (Hence the 12 hour set up time....)

Anyway, does anyone have any tips on security? I have given my "network" a long and complicated alpha-numeric name, and hidden it, and have also set up WPA-PSK network authentication. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Obviously, I have a firewall and anti-virus software.

Also, (and this is probably a really dumb question, but this new-fangled technology has me flummoxed) it says my broadband connection is always on - can I change this so it's only on when I want it to be?

Grateful for any advice. (Please don't take the p**s too much if I'm asking really stupid questions.)
Monday 30 May 2005 4.27pm
Does your router let you limit connections to named MAC addresses ?

Everything you connect to your wireless network (PC, PDA etc) has a unique device ID called a MAC address (sorry if this is grandmother sucking eggs). Most routers will have an option that lets you limit the devices which can connect to certain, named MAC addresses. Makes it impossible for anyone to connect to your network, even if they find it or crack your password.

Broadband is always permanently on - if you want to disconnect, you would have to unplug or switch off your router (not exactly recommended - routers tend not to be so good at rebooting every day. My router has a "snooze" function - so I can have it switch on and off at set times, but it's not exactly reliable.
Monday 30 May 2005 7.04pm
We have wireless in the house, my computer is fixed, the Professor's is moveable (laptop)...it plays up now and again but on the whole it's fine. I will ask him to tell you when you come to the June 10th thingy (which you WILL, plus boyfriend) how he secures the network from invaders. I dunno. It's on all the time, and the only reason to unplug your router is if it DOESNT work, which happens sometimes. For some reason it gets cross, so we unplug it for a few minutes and plug it back in and it comes back to life. They have souls these things, I dare say.
Monday 30 May 2005 9.00pm
Thanks Siduhe. It turns out my router does allow that, and it is now set up. Another thing I was completely unaware of as it didn't mention it in the instructions....

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