Buying an orchard - any ideas?

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Thursday 8 September 2005 1.35pm
A humble plea to all you property typhoons and internet search supremos (I've tried myself, and can't come up with anything).

If someone you knew wanted to know how much orchards sell for, would any of you have a clue where they could look for info on available land and costs, please?


...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 8 September 2005 4.07pm
Try a google for

smallholding sale
smallholdings sale
smallholding sale orchard

they seemed to bring up a load of specialist sites any of which sound like they may be apple-bearing...

results included links to likely sounding ones:
and endless welsh and cumbrian agencies...
Thursday 8 September 2005 4.41pm

"Agricultural land falls into two categories: arable land and pasture or grazing land. High yield arable land needs very specific conditions such as good location and precise soil content. This means that it is quite limited in supply and therefore it is sold at a premium

Prices of arable land vary tremendously, even within the same region, and you can expect to pay anything from around 1500 to 5600 per acre. Agricultural pasture or grazing land is in much greater supply as location and soil content aren't quite as important. Again prices vary greatly: from around 1500 to 5750 per acre. These are only rough figures and some agricultural land can command far higher prices. For example, ten acres in good pastureland could be worth as much as 30,000 plus per acre if it is well-located are of limited supply."


Nothing apple-specific, but it's a start...

mostly aimed at those who want to turn that nasty useless land into lovely expensive buildings of course.
Thursday 8 September 2005 5.01pm
Thanks very much. I'll trawl those links later. Much appreciated.

[Anyone with any other ideas, please chip in]

...if you press it, they will come.

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Thursday 8 September 2005 5.24pm
Obvious I know (I'd hate to let you down) but have you checked with your farm-and-cidery-maker-chums?

Failing that, this kind of site might also help ...

But I don't think they'll be ready for picking by the end of October ...
Friday 9 September 2005 2.22pm
Be better off renting the land, I reckon. If somebody has an orchard of cider apples that they happen not to be using, then the rent will be tiny.

Yields on farm land are tiny tiny tiny. Arable land I will agree is 3-5k per acre. That with development potential - even if only for turning into a paddock for the Ivanhoes' daughter's pony - you can add one or two noughts to.

Friday 9 September 2005 3.13pm
I don't know what shocks me most: "daughter" or "pony" ;0)

...if you press it, they will come.
Saturday 10 September 2005 1.41pm
You'd be better off with a daughter as ponies definitely eat apples ...
Sunday 11 September 2005 12.17pm
Daughters also eat apples, and are better at climbing trees.
Sunday 11 September 2005 6.22pm
Daughters normally prefer chocolate to apples.

Buy a sweet shop.
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