Mad kitten

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Monday 12 September 2005 3.36pm
My kitten is gorgeous, the light of my life and is generally extremely friendly to everyone, and very well behaved too.
However last night she woke up at 4am and wouldnt let me get back to sleep. She burrowed under my duvet to bite my toes, she ran around maniacally from piece of furniture to piece of furniture, she scratched me (a lot) and even drew blood. She also puffed herself up and advanced on me sideways! Every time I got back into bed she leapt on me scratching and biting.
She is only 4 months old, but I was a bit scared! It also gave me the creeps to see her sitting in the hall staring at the ceiling miaowing as it doesnt take much for my imagination to start running riot with thoughts of ghosts etc. (and I live in Metro Central!) I had to switch all the lights in the flat on to calm myself down.
The question is, why did she do this and is it normal?
She is normally the most loving kitten imaginable- when we get home at night she is waiting by the door purring and wanting to be cuddled! Am a bit wary about what she might do tonight!

Monday 12 September 2005 3.54pm
Sarah, is she on her own all day and bored? can you get another cat? Our Whisky used to have ' mad' hours, crying and wailing, and in general rushing around at ninety miles an hour like a demon. When we had two cats he was a lot quieter....well a bit!
Monday 12 September 2005 4.16pm
She is on her own all day, but not at weekends when we're in and out a lot running errands etc. Yesterday I was in all day and Maude and I had a lovely day together, her sleeping on my lap.
We thought about 2 as she used to cry when we left for work, but she is normally fine now. Also, she is hard work and I dont think we could cope with 2- we need to keep our eyes on her all the time as it is.
I often go home at lunchtime to check on her, the cleaner is in on Wednesdays and my father has been watching the cricket at mine and keeping her company recently!
This to me just seemed different than her normal high jinks which normally start at around 9pm then she comes to bed with me about 11pm and settles down on my quilt!
Monday 12 September 2005 4.22pm
Totally, totally normal. As my long suffering neighbours would be able to tell you if they weren't too busy glowering at me in the hallways. ;-)

Seriously - a couple of suggestions - 1) have a good long play session about an hour before you go to bed. Ribbons, shoelaces, bits of tissue paper are very popular in our house. Try not to let her sleep once you're in of an evening.

2) feed her an evening meal just before you go to bed, not mid-evening. That way she'll do her proper evening wash just as you are getting to sleep and should then settle down herself afterwards.

3) keep the blinds and curtains firmly shut - it should give you an extra 30 mins sleep after the sun starts to come up.

Finally, however hard it is, don't react to the wailing. Don't get out of bed. If she scratches or attacks you, pick her up (in a towel if necessary) and shut her in a room away from you where she can't do herself any damage and leave her. She sounds like she's a bit bored and is testing you to see if you will respond. If you do, she'll just keep doing it.

My little ratbag came fully grown with this annoying nightly habit and after two years we're probably down to about one disturbed night a month. Cats are nocturnal creatures and if they are at home on their own all day they will just sleep. From their point of view, they don't understand why you aren't willing to get up and play with them all night. A bit of compromise goes a long way.
Anonymous User
Monday 12 September 2005 5.31pm
Getting another one isn't the answer! When I had two they used to encourage each other, the worst night being when they chased each other over my face during the night... it is amazing how much a sliced open lip bleeds!

Ignoring her if you can is definitely best, she'll learn not to bother you if you don't react and the attacking is more likely to stop... it is actually quite a spectacle to behold when they go nuts, especially on wooden floors.

I'm not sure that the old fella downstairs agrees with me.
Monday 12 September 2005 5.47pm
Coincidentally, one of mine went mad last night as well. He was pouncing all over the place, running up the walls, and biting the sofa. No idea why.
Tuesday 13 September 2005 10.20am
Thanks everyone.
I went to bed at 10 last night was so knackered from Maudes Sunday night shenanigans. Fed her at 10 after running round flat with her, dangling shoelaces, throwing tissue paper around etc, and she went straight to sleep on my shoulder purring away.
Flatmate got in very late and aparently Maude did go a bit nuts then. Maybe it's when she is woken up in the night suddenly that she goes a bit wild....
Nothing compared to sunday thank god though!
Thursday 15 September 2005 6.57pm
Move to the country where your cats can hunt all night. Now that hunting with hounds is illegal, you can have quite a good mole, mouse or rat hunt with a cat.
Friday 16 September 2005 2.03pm
Feeding her late is a good idea. My cat Dougal used to do something similar at around 4 in the morning because he had woken up & decided it was breakfast time! He'd leave me to go back to sleep once I'd fed him!
Friday 16 September 2005 2.41pm
We had the same problem so bought one of those feeders that open at a set time - 5am is good, no disturbances, job done

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