Celery, gum and 45 lottery tickets

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Friday 16 September 2005 2.13pm
I just came back from Tescos and there was a couple in front of me at the checkout. They bought a
packet of celery, 2 pkts of wrigleys chewing gum and 45 lottery lucky dips and paid with a credit card.
I wouldn't have noticed but they had to scan the card separately to pay for groceries and lotto
and took 5 minutes deciding how many tickets to buy.

Statistically you have just as much chance of winning the lottery if you don't buy a ticket.
You use up more calories eating a stick of celery than there are in one.
Friday 16 September 2005 2.24pm
1) Do you think it was their card?

2) Are you sure it was celery, and not a bonsai tree? (See discussion on courgettes/marrows q.v.)

...if you press it, they will come.
Friday 16 September 2005 2.34pm
1) Do you think it was their card?
Funny you should say that but it did cross my mind. Maybe the celery was a red herring to distract.

(See discussion on courgettes/marrows q.v.) I didn't read the thread as I dislike both.
Friday 16 September 2005 4.50pm
phoney Wrote:
> Statistically you have just as much chance of
> winning the lottery if you don't buy a ticket.

it is just me? or is that statement complete and utter B*****KS

if I don't buy a ticket I have zero chance of winning - I can't possibly win. there is no way at all whatsoever that I'll win a prize. It is 100% certain that I won't win a prize.
If I do buy a ticket, I have one chance in however many of winning, I might win, but I probably wont.

Friday 16 September 2005 7.02pm
Pretty much B****CKS, however you could have found one of the following tickets in the street and
as the chances of buying and winning the jackpot are 14,000,000 to 1, we have to work out what the
odds are of finding a lost winning jackpot ticket.
Largest prizes to be Unclaimed
10 Aug 2005 Draw 1005 3,074,019 Jackpot Coventry

06 Jul 2005 Draw 995 9,476,995 Jackpot Doncaster Area,

7 Aug 2004 390 7,039,469 Lotto Extra Jackpot Belfast City

1 Jan 2005 942 3,987,470 Jackpot Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

6 Sept 2000 491 3,011,065 Jackpot South Hertfordshire

14 Sept 2002 702 2,928,214 Jackpot Northumberland

28 Jul 2004 897 2,852,742 Jackpot Wyre Area of Lancashire

10 May 2003 260 2,602,960 Lotto Extra Jackpot South East Northumberland

16 Nov 2002 720 2,183,513 Jackpot Islington Area

25 May 1996 80 2,054,754 Jackpot Kingston Upon Hull

30 Nov 2002 724 1,971,095 Jackpot Torfaen County Borough

6 Nov 2004 926.01 1,666,667 Birthday Draw Jackpot Sandwell Area of West Midlands

6 Nov 2004 926.01 1,666,667 Birthday Draw Jackpot Stroud, Gloucestershire

21 Jul 2004 895 1,544,148 Jackpot Swale Area of Kent

21 Jan 2004 843 1,458,411 Jackpot Ealing, London

28 Aug 2002 697 1,446,954 Jackpot Lewisham Area

30 Jan 1999 324 1,234,612 Jackpot Kingston Upon Hull
Monday 19 September 2005 8.08am
Yaarr, unclaimed treasure! But tell me about this cove, Jack Pot, he seems to put 'imself about a bit.

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