Sooty air

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Tuesday 27 September 2005 12.04pm
I cleaned all the windows and frames on saturday and last night the kitchen sill looked really dusty so I gave it a quick wipe with a wet cloth and it came away black with a sooty deposit only 48 hours after cleaning. The smog and dirt we must be breathing every day! Our lungs must be working overtime to keep the airways clear. Thank goodness I don't smoke. Maybe that's why there is so much phlegm on the stairs - filthy animals.
Tuesday 27 September 2005 12.58pm
I agree with you phoney. I'm often having to put my pinnie back on and get my feather duster down to go over my Lladros when I've only given them a good buffing a few days before.

On an entirely scientific survey, based on places I've lived, I can categorically say that SE1 is dustier than NW5 or SW19 (as well as infinitely nicer in lots of other ways).

It would be interesting to get an even more scientific answer as to what it is that causes all this floating grime. Perhaps we could combine it (if you don't mind and don't think I'm hijacking your research thesis) with an investigation into the Great Sluts' Wool Mystery.

This has been bothering me for some time, and I am finding it to be much more prevalent in SE1 than anywhere else I've lived. Even more worrying, perhaps, is that when I lived in SE1 before (I've lived here, moved away, and am now back here) I hardly ever noticed a problem with the stuff. It appears to be increasing.


...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 27 September 2005 9.58pm
I was going to comment about the fact that the air in SE1 always seems distinctly 'chewy' whenever I return from foreign parts [i.e outside Greater London boundaries] but then a disturbing vision of Ivanhoe in a pinny got in the way and I drifted off........
Wednesday 28 September 2005 5.56am
I bet it's all caused by Nando's and the like pushing their charcoal smoke into the air. further, as Ivanhoe says, there is a serious PhD to be written here about prevailing winds and the selective nature of carbon particulates which pick on OUR doubt because it;s the friendliest and the coolest and has the best cider and so on....
Wednesday 28 September 2005 8.55am
janefs Wrote:
> but then a disturbing
> vision of Ivanhoe in a pinny got in the way and I
> drifted off........

If I'd worn a pinnie in The Oak the other week, then you might have recognised us ;0)

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 28 September 2005 8.57am
Given the fairly strong constant influx of new people to the area, it should be easy to "scientifically" compare the air where they came from with the air in SE1.

Who's first?

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 28 September 2005 8.02pm
o.k,o.k - I was particulary lacking in recognition skills that evening ---- so, as Ivanhoe has suggested, every member of the cider prodution crew needs to wear a frilly pinny to enable me to identify them at the next meeting.
Wednesday 28 September 2005 8.26pm
Which is, as you know, on our terrace on 5th November to watch fireworks!
Wednesday 28 September 2005 9.21pm
Yes but can we talk about Ivanhoe's Lladros - which collection(s) do you have and is Mrs I allowed to dust them?
Thursday 29 September 2005 8.49am
Mrs I is encouraged to give the family treasures a good going over with a feather duster at frequent intervals.

...if you press it, they will come.
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