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Tuesday 4 October 2005 3.57pm
Can I have some suggestions as to why I should continue Recycling, seeing as how my buildings communal Bin Store always contains bags of newspapers etc when there are Recycling Banks visible across the street. That and the latest claims by scientists that we're all doomed (a la Dads Army) as the climatic (Not Climactic?) see-saw has now tipped.

The reason I suddenly have a feeling of defeat is due to being in Starbucks on Shad Thames, I asked the server for a ceramic mug as she was keen to give me a paper cup, "No thank you, they're wasteful", I said. "Why?", was her response.
Tuesday 4 October 2005 5.03pm
Paul. (As I suspect you well know), it's just about doing what you feel comfortable with (or not doing what you don't feel uncomfortable with).

I used to get irate when seeing others' actions, but I think the most genuinely positive thing to do is either ignore them (and save your own energy for something more positive) or recycle the (other peoples') bags of paper in your bin store yourself.

Or (sorry, but this is actually a practical suggestion. Don't want to blot my copybook, but we're half way there now, so no going back...) spend your enrgy lobbying whoever runs your flats to get Southwark to put recycling bins in.

On a related note, a thought that came to me the other day was: are there community compost facilities? We get through a fair bit of veg waste, but I'm not convinced individual composters are the way forward.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 4 October 2005 9.16pm
You're right, I'll continue to salve my conscience by doing my bit although sometimes I feel like the little Dutch boy - almost said 'a little Dutch boy' but thought that might be misinterpreted.

The thought of having to interact (for this read 'be ignored by') the powers that be who won't even acknowledge large pollution belching tour coaches on Tooley Street (see Tooley Street Red Route thread folks) to install recycling bins less than twenty metres from where there are perfectly adequate ones already makes me want to lie down with a damp copy of Hello! on my brow (before I recycle it of course). As my flat's on the ground floor I guess my lazy neighbours think they'll be safe for another few years when sea levels rise? I have visions of myself being pursued down the hall by a wave a la Kate Winslett.

On the subject of Compost, Starbucks used to (perhaps still do?) have a scheme where you could ask them for their coffee grounds which you could then use as mulch/compost material/whatever. I'm all in favour of composting, on the rare occasion when I'm given flowers (hens teeth are more frequently seen in the greater SE1 locale) I feel guilty about binning them - after they've wilted of course.
Wednesday 5 October 2005 7.22am
Oh Paul! So sorry that noone brings you flowers (to compost). I will try and remedy this on Nov.5th
Wednesday 5 October 2005 9.06pm
Interestingly, a few months ago my Cellphone made a Beep and when I checked the Inbox there was a picture of a lovely bunch of tulips (pink). I sent a Text to thank the friend who had sent them and was told, "They weren't meant for you".

I kept them and they've lasted well.
Thursday 6 October 2005 1.06pm
If you're in Southwark, then they are actually extremely helpful about getting recycling ffacilities into blocks of flats - I emailed them about ours, and got a very helpful woman coming to have a look about a week later. The only delay was friom the management of the flats, and once they'd finally agreed, we got lovely recyling facilities next to the bins - so now there's no excuse for non recycling!
You can contact them at:

The Resource Team
Tel: 020 7525 2491
Manor Place Depot
30-34 Penrose Street
SE17 3DW

Thursday 6 October 2005 1.39pm
Sadly I need to perhaps start closer to home - my new lodger ignores the not-exactly-discrete recycling bins in the kitchen and tosses everything into the regular bin. Am considering giving up on recycling as doing so would create a lot more space in the flat and save me going to the Recycling Banks every few days. Lang Rabbie has started a Thread on rising sea levels and I'm inclined to think that it's all too late to worry about a few recycled Guardians now.
Thursday 6 October 2005 3.33pm
Oh no - giving up on recyling is the first step on a slippery slope.Then we'll all need waterwings!
Thursday 6 October 2005 3.56pm
Have been out to get Meths and booked a test drive in an SUV - hey this carefree attitude feels good so far.
Tuesday 25 October 2005 10.37pm
Ivanhoe: there's community composting right next to you in Rockingham adventure playground. They have a mega-worm bin, a big version of the one I and several other have. I think they also have conventional composting. Haven't checked recently but I cant believe they will have got rid of it.
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