Total ban on fireworks

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Monday 28 November 2005 10.09am
Am I the only person driven to distraction by fireworks? Pretty displays aren't too bad, but it seems as if all the kids want are massive (and surely dangerous) explosions. This year -- again! -- after a summer of fireworks almost every weekend (stopped only by the amount of rain we've had) they started up again in my area (Dulwich) with a bang, mid October. They reached a crescendo over Halloween and just kept going from there every single night. The two weeks each side of Guy Fawkes was like living in war zone. On 19th November, there was a massive illegal party in the playing fields of a local school that started at 1 am, culminating in so many shrieks I thought someone was being murdered. Yesterday, 27 November, the bangs started again as soon as it was dark -- which was early evening. We can expect fireworks now well into the New Year. (Ken Livingstone adores them. He wastes a fortune on them -- but does he ask us what we think? I wrote to him twice and was ignored.) The police can't do anything. By the time they get there (if ever) there are no fireworks and they have to observe them. If the police can't or won't do anything, what's the point of having a fireworks law? We should press for the sale to be completely banned before more people are killed or maimed. And how can kids afford them? I looked on line and was astonished at the price.
Monday 28 November 2005 11.11am
Well of course I'm the last one to ask, since I admit to being totally in love with fireworks and find myself grinning like a Cheshire cat when I see them. However, the indiscriminate letting off of fireworks in rather restricted areas should really be disallowed. On the Heygate Estate just opposite our place, they seem to let them off in VERY small areas which could be dangerous and are certainly hugely loud owing to the echo factor. TOTAL ban sounds draconian, but some sort of regulation would be reasonable. However, once the thing's gone off...who is going to be able to do anything about it?
Monday 28 November 2005 11.57am
Jackie, there already is good regulation, passed by Parliament recently, which only allows for fireworks at certain tradional times of the year, and not after 11 pm. Children under the age of 18 aren't allowed to buy them and so forth. Powerful or very loud detonators are banned. This seems fair and reasonable. But my objection is because the rules aren't being kept, kids seem able to lay their hands on fireworks, and the bangs are getting louder. Like you, I love pretty fireworks -- it's the bangs that bother me because they scare babies, animals and (I know this) people who have been in war zones. If the rules aren't kept and the police can do nothing, then it seems there is no option but a total ban.
Monday 28 November 2005 12.23pm
We went to the display on the river this year and it was wonderful. However I do agree that the non stop fireworks around bonfire night are a pain in the perverbial particularly if trying to get a child off to sleep. I would however be against a total ban as not everyone can get to organised displays but the law on selling fireworks should be much tighter.

I would like to ban the late night fireworks on the river with no warning however!!

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