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Thursday 22 December 2005 10.27am
This topic may cause heated debate:

I hear the Multiplex have said that the new Wembley Stadium might not be ready for 2006 FA cup final.

This is outrageous!

If I was them, I would be doing everything in my power to make sure that it was ready, on time, and to budget.
Wembley is a national symbol of football (and pride) and as such should set an example.

the main reason that I think that they might not be ready is the amount of work is too much for the time available : so they should take on more people, but they can't because it'll cost too much....,

Therefore the only option is to get volunteers to help (or community service).

There must be loads of people out there with skills needed, and time on their hands who would give thier high teeth to be involved in Wembley - what a great thing to have on the CV!

I'm sure there are lots of out of work tradesmen from Poland, or asylum seekers, who would love to help the country that they have chosen to live in, create a national symbol to be proud of.

Come on England - get your arses in gear and help make Wembley Great!
Wednesday 28 December 2005 8.18am
OK Jon, I'm standing here with my hammer and chisel waiting for the call. What did you think? That it would be READY? You're kidding.
Wednesday 28 December 2005 10.16am
I hope it's going to be ready for the Robbie Williams concert!!!!
Wednesday 28 December 2005 11.40am
Yes, Jackie I thought it would be ready.

the company that won the contract said that they could build it in the time available, which I would imagine was part of the contract, and so it should be. no excuses.

if it's suddenly going to cost more money, tough, they should have budgeted better. They should be prepared for the possibility that they might have to take a loss on such a huge, important, high profile job.
Wednesday 28 December 2005 1.08pm
I've always been surprised that overruns on these large contracts are not borne by the builder. Like you, Jon, I'd have thought that the Govt would have a fixed-price contract, with penalties for missing deadlines.

If anyone knows how these sort of contracts actually work, that would be very instructive...

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 28 December 2005 1.33pm
The short answer is that the contract is fixed price and the cost of the overruns (estimated at about 75m) will be borne by Multiplex. According to press reports, Multiplex has in addition to pay a penalty of 120,000 for every day the handover is delayed beyond 31 March, with a maximum payment of 14m. I seem to remember the 31 March deadline was originally 31 January, but was extended by agreement.

One of the main problems with the completion of the stadium is that Multiplex and its main steel sub-contractor fell out early last year over the construction and design of the main steel arch over the stadium, the contractor then quit the project, necessitating a change of contractor at a significantly higher price and a delay in getting the new contractor up and running. The dispute between Multiplex and the original contractor is still ongoing at the High Court.

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Wednesday 28 December 2005 2.44pm
Aha. Thanks for that, Siduhe.

[It may never be ready on time, but after this Boxing Day I can confirm that you can see the arch from the Grandstand at Sandown Park. For all those who'd never heard of Best Mate earlier in the year, Sandown is a {horse} racecourse.]

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 28 December 2005 3.16pm
(Similarly?) .... were odds still being offered on Ascot not being held at Ascot?

Anonymous User
Wednesday 28 December 2005 4.07pm
I think Ascot is planned to run at York for three years isn't it?
Wednesday 28 December 2005 8.04pm
A bit like me with my,"I grocery shop on the 5th floor [Harvey Nicks]", the Lidl labels on the packaging gives the game away.
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