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Wednesday 15 March 2006 3.17pm
I need to get some home contents insurance and I am completely bamboozled by all the providers.
Can anyone give me a recommendation?
Anonymous User
Wednesday 15 March 2006 3.25pm
I've always fouhnd Direct Line to be very good Sarah. They call at renewal time which is very useful if you are an airhead like me.
Wednesday 15 March 2006 3.29pm
Although I personally believe contents insurance to be a waste of money (better to buy some good locks and put the insurance money in a savings account if you ask me), my wife (as so often happens) disagrees.

We've used Endsleigh, and Hiscox. Endsleigh were not very flexible with their cover when we wanted to change some things, and so we moved to Hiscox who turned out to be both more flexible and cheaper, and also have telephone operatives who know things. Hence, I'd happily recommend Hiscox. However, (due to the generally pointless nature of contents insurance, IMHO) we've not had to claim from either company, so I can't offer any advice on how good they are from that aspect.

Edited to say: just remembered that we get a reduction from Hiscox because my wife is a solicitor - so they might not be as good value depending on how much of a reduction they give us. You might find that you can get a good deal via professional bodies, unions etc. so that might be worth looking into.

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Wednesday 15 March 2006 3.42pm
May I put in a plug for contents insurance ! If you have a fire in your flat, like I did not too long ago, the total bill for cleaning the flat, replacing damaged items and repainting can run into £thousands. I was very happy to have spent the £180 premium and have it all taken care of.

Sarah, I use Ashdown Partnership as brokers. They've always come up with a very good deal for me without bothering me with the detail and I'm currently with Norwich Union via them (the quote was cheaper than the one I received direct from Norwich Union for the same level of cover). Also, I experienced no problems with NU when making a fairly chunky claim last year, following an electrical short in the cooker hood.


Edited as I realised I'd overstated the premium a fair bit !

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Thursday 16 March 2006 10.18am
Thanks everyone
I don't have time to bother with detail either so I have emailed Ashdown.
ADT, I hear what you're saying- where I live is like Fort Knox, however as Sidhue says, what if there is a fire, and also I want to get my engagement ring and our wedding rings insured under the policy.
Thursday 16 March 2006 10.50am
try barclays, they beat direct line for me easy, and guarantee to beat any quote & pay you £50 quid also, fire insurance is cool, my refurb came to 31 grand, and a five week hotel bill added up to a few grand, i thought my brother had left a chip pan on, but all he had eaten were a few vol au vents, i believe him because we didn't have a chip pan, so beware of all prawn based snacks and dont mention them on your insurance form, it was faulty wiring that near killed me in my sleep on an extractor fan, beat that, and i lost a watch once, direct line paid up, no hassle, barclays are cheaper though for better cover
Friday 17 March 2006 9.35am
Hi Sarah,

We searched about a bit and ended up with esure (despite the annoying adverts) I think they also cover us for various things outside the home, jewelry, cameras etc. They did insist we put a proper lock on the door, which seems a bit daft - as you say it's like fort knox already, but it only cost a few quid from BnQ and we were able to fit it ourselves so not a big hassle.
Friday 17 March 2006 2.09pm
Thanks Kirsty- I may try them as Ashdown havent got back to me.
Friday 17 March 2006 3.46pm
try barclays
Friday 17 March 2006 4.19pm
Would you like to declare some sort of connection to Barclays?
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