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Monday 27 March 2006 4.43pm
Help! I need sound advice from mums & dads who've been thru the grief of deciding what pram/stroller to buy.

My wife is due with our first child and we're torn over buying a Bugaboo, Maclaren or something in between.
Any experiences good or bad? Happy with what you got or wished you'd bought something else?
Monday 27 March 2006 4.57pm
My advice:
- Don't agonise.
- Buy the first one you see/ the one you like most on any given day/the one with the nicest colour or sales assistant.
- Take the time/money you have saved, and spend it doing something nice

There's so much "choice" today that your child will be a teenager before you've chosen its buggy, if you take the time to check out every decision in detail. After making allowances for advertising revenue that needs to be recouped on heavily-advertised brands, the price of things generally goes a long way towards telling you how good things are. Of course, the pressure is to make you think: "Oh, nothing is too good for my child, therefore I need a buggy that can survive a plane crash and an avalanche", but I'm sure you're smarter than that.

[I've got precisely no children, by the way, but I do regularly see my bechilded friends going through the agonies of competitive parenting (got to have the "best" label for little Farquhar), and picking their way through the minefield of "choice". Good luck.]

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 27 March 2006 6.03pm
I remember as a child I wouldn't set foot in anything mobile unless it had Silver Cross on the side ;-)
Monday 27 March 2006 8.13pm
Hi erniebug ... we went for the simplest we could find ... all the "Travel systems" seemed way over the top and far too complicated before we were sleep-starved! We went for a no-nonsense mountain buggy that we simply strapped him into from day 1 ... we still use it now and he's three and it's worked really well. The only (as it happens, very under used) "extra" we got was an attachment that you could fix a car seat to - think we used it twice. If you are going to use it in London, it needs to be light and easy to move and get on and off public transport and have somewhere to put stuff (it's also useful if it is compact if you live in a flat - three wheelers have a much longer wheel base than others)... oh and it needs really sharp bits at the front ... very, very useful in Borough Market on Saturdays!

Good luck!
Monday 27 March 2006 11.03pm
Have you seen how much Silver Cross prams cost these days?

I'm sure they must have been MUCH cheaper in the 70s.
Monday 27 March 2006 11.14pm
If I was having a baby I'd buy the Silver Cross Linear Sleepover. Unless I was planning to have two in quick succession, in which case I'd buy Phil and Ted's 4 in 1 buggy.

(I am soon to be a godmother, and have been researching this matter for the mother-to-be.)
Monday 27 March 2006 11.53pm
babies are a license to print money.
personally i find the bugaboo overpriced, if trendy and easy to manoeuvre. a drag to fold though apparently. and far too many of them about anyway.
depending where you live and go and how, julie is right. take folding up/weight into consideration.
maclaren tecno xt seems a good city choice.
after the first one broke (mutsy) we were very happy with mama's+papa's three wheeler pushchair. which are great on rougher terrain.
i agree, those travel systems are confusing and you won't use the car seat adapters much. (i didn't)
but those bassinet/carrycots are pretty handy if you travel a lot and are best for newborns, to lie flat on their backs. not sure which brand does them now.

try http://www.babyworld.com for some more specific baby forum.

but it all boils down to the budget.
go to john lewis or mothercare and have another look.
good luck!
Tuesday 28 March 2006 12.07am
Julie wrote:
it needs really sharp bits at the front ... very, very useful in Borough Market on Saturdays!

Julie beat me to it with a BM reference. I saw a wonderful cartoon in the New Yorker of a small person in a push chair, speaking on his cell phone, " ... I'm in the McLaren. Where are you?". Meanwhile my friend Phineas (7 mths) is about to be wearing a T-shirt which announces, "My other buggy's a Range Rover". Phineas' mother principally used the Baby Bjorn until he got to a size where he was being approached by Rugby scouts. Meanwhile Mrs Ed has always referred to Baby Ed's buggy as 'The Wheelie Bin'.

Not very useful I know, but so long as Baby Erniebug's 'wheels' can negotiate the pavements of Bermondsey Street without bits being shaken off, that's the main thing to go for.
Tuesday 28 March 2006 12.10pm
Also some friends of ours are just about to explode ... erm, give birth ... and they bought a Mamas and Papas in last years colour and got 100 off because of it ... so if your baby can bear to be seen in something last season, you could save some of that precious cash and put it towards it's first Burberry ensemble!

We got our buggy from a fantastic childrens shop along Munster Road over in SW something ... but John Lewis is a good starting point - you do have room there to roll them about (except at the weekends!)
Friday 14 April 2006 7.28pm
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your experiences & feedback.
We've finally bitten the bullet & bought a Mamas&Papas pramette.
Baby is due in 3 weeks time so a test drive down B St is imminent!
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