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Thursday 30 March 2006 6.49pm
HELP!!!! I keep getting post for my ex-partner who took out a credit card at my address, he has not lived here for almost a year. I've returned all the letters received and gave them a forwarding address, I have also called them 3 times with the forwarding address. I got home tonight and yet another letter, this time I opened it, they are threating debt collectors, what rights if any do they have to come to my address is I've already given a forwarding address?? Can any one HELP????
Friday 31 March 2006 10.10am
This happened to me when I moved into my new flat- we still get letters for 'Mr and Mrs Gan' and various other pseudonyms.
The concierge at my block said they've turned bailiffs away several times.
We've even had summons and congestion charges penalties to the flat.
I told a few companies that he moved over a year ago but there were so many I gave up.
If you've got proof in writing that you informed them of the address change then you shouldn't have a problem as long as the card is in his name.
Friday 31 March 2006 10.16am
You need to put something in writing to the credit card company - not just return the mail and not just telephone them. Are you and your ex-partner linked on your credit record - joint accounts, joint mortgage anything like that ? If not, there should be no issue with bailiffs being able to collect anything from you.

This form of words has worked well for me in the past, in relation to the former owner of the flat I now live in:

"Dear Ms [ ],
I refer to your letter dated 16th May, 2005 addressed to Mr X (copy attached).
I am the owner and legal occupier of [ ]. To my immense frustration, I have been contacted by a number of people, including you, seeking Mr X at my address in connection with his financial affairs, over the last two years.

I have no current connection to Mr X and no knowledge of his whereabouts. I am happy to sign a release form, allowing Y Building Society to conduct a credit search against my name, to confirm that.

I must also record that Y Building Society is now formally on notice that Mr X does not reside at [my address]. It is therefore inappropriate for you to continue to correspond with him at my address or to take any enforcement action against him at my address. In the event that Y Building Society takes such action, I reserve the right to claim damages and my full costs of dealing with the matter, particularly where such action has a detrimental effect on my personal credit rating.
If you wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to telephone me on one of the above numbers"
Friday 31 March 2006 1.26pm
I've also had problems with debt collectors turning up for previous tennants, and they were actualy very polite and went away as soon as I told them who I was and details of the old tennant.

As the person is your ex you should you should check that you are no longer linked on your credit report, It is very easy to do, go to the website of one of the credit rating agencies (I've used equifax in the past - put in a few details and you can buy your full credit report, costs about 15, then if this person is on there and linked to you, you can tell the agency to remove it, otherwise their bad credit record could effect you.

In terms of unwanted post, we got endless letters from a particular company for one set of former tennants and got sick of sending them back, and getting more. In the end we waited untill we had a good heavy collection, then put them all in a big envelope and posted them back to the company, with no stamp on so that they had to pay the postage, this finaly made someone there pay attention!
Friday 31 March 2006 1.33pm
Thanks for all your comments. I think I will write to them again and see what happens.
Friday 31 March 2006 2.39pm
Just like to point out that if you write to the credit rating agencies, I understand it will only cost 2 rather than the 15 for an online report.

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