Too much light pollution

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Sunday 9 April 2006 8.26pm
Did anyone else see the chanel four news tonight, just before eight o'clock?

there was a news item about the amount of light polution in the night sky, and then suddenly, there on the screen was our very own Unlady Like Miss Jo talking about how she used to like looking at the night sky, but now the view has been blighted by a large light box on top the tower nearby.

excellent I thought, well done Jo!
Sunday 9 April 2006 9.50pm
Very interesting that it was on Channel 4 News tonight, as the report was originally shown on More4 News on Thursday.

ITN rang me last week having seen the thread here about the Tabard lightbox, and wanting to interview Jo.

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Monday 10 April 2006 8.10am
Does this mean that something is going to be done about the floodlights and deck lights that proliferate on property on Royal Oak Yard, Bickels Yard, Archie St etc etc etc. Its a pity that developers are the easy target and local residents don't see their own activities in the same light (excuse the pun). I'd also say that large picture windows cause more light pollution as the residents show off their 'lifestyle decor'.


Monday 10 April 2006 8.23am
do we bring back Ancient Lights Niall?..:-)
Monday 10 April 2006 9.53am
If 'ancient lights' were dimmer that the kleig lights so favoured by our neighbours then I'd be all for them. For the last couple of years there has been an internal light in one of the top deck apartments in the oil-rig building down at the south west end of Royal Oak Yard, that illuminates our top floor at night. Looking back, its amusing that I was unable to comment on that planning application because I lived more than 100m from it yet light from its inconsiderate residents can flood my home. But hey, thats life. Forget that all that light is wasted energy, contributing to global warming. They probably brough the lamp home in a recycled cardboard box. So that makes it all OK.

Regards from centre stage.

Monday 10 April 2006 10.14am
Niall not quite sure what a kleig light is, but totally agree about the energy wastage, global warming aspect. Just out of curiosity what is the speed of light and how far can light travel before it dissipates? at times like this i wish i woz clever.....
Monday 10 April 2006 12.41pm

I think Coldplay are the best people to speak to about 'the speed of light' but I know that its faster that a speeding sciumbag on a moped. It is also able to travel at least 300m without loosing any of its effect.

Monday 10 April 2006 1.35pm
Niall, from what I gather form the presenter on that interviewed me, this new regulaton is intended to deal with exactly the sort of problems you talk about - though other than that I know nothing about it and have been intending to check it out on the internet.

BTW, did anyone have their video/DVD running when that broadcast went out, because I haven't seen it and am quite intrigued to see quite how gruesomely they managed to portray me. I was instructed to look passionately angry with the light box - but I don't and can't do anything other than the real me, and anyway the interviewer and cameraman made me laugh too much for any chance of acting livid.
Tuesday 11 April 2006 9.30pm
Ancient Lights - a very brief outline : "Where a building has been used twenty years to one purpose, (as a malt house,) and it is converted to another, (as a dwelling-house,) it is entitled in its new state only to the same degree of light which was necessary in its former state."

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