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Tuesday 18 April 2006 5.12pm
Interesting to see Mayor Ken off on a jolly to China recently.

I also applaud the timing, which coincided with his visit, of news that innocent Chinese citizens are literally being beaten and dragged from their homes to make way for new development. There have been rumors in the past of similar incidents taking place to make way for olympic venues.

Flash to London....Mayor Ken and his olympic cronies haven't yet managed to secure all the land required to build the Olympic village. Several businesses insist that they are not being offered fair value. Something will have to give before these business people surrender their right to occupy their premises.

So - just what was the purpose of Ken's visit? Did 'Red Ken' pick up a few pointers in the art of clearing land? I cringe at seeing Ken suggest that past human rights abuses in China aren't really that different from incidents in the West.

What a stinking orgy of profiteering, commercialisation, greed, power, and self promotion the O movement is. If I weren't on the hook to pay the shortfall in finances (as London taxpayers surely will be) I would wish that 2012 will fail miserably.
Tuesday 18 April 2006 8.27pm
The communist govemnent in china has a very brutal way of clearing people out the way for what ever reason (hydro electric dams act.

The Olympics hasn't change that.

And yes Ken Livingston does have a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth.
And yes the Olympics haven't changed that either.

I was particularly annoyed with Ken Livingston's comment that London cant afford Iconic buildings.
This is clearly rubbish and not the positive signal we should be giving out right now ,and the plans for our Olympic park are iconic as far as Im concerned.maybe Ken Livingston hadent noticed that.

I have suspected for some time that ken livingstons almost anti heritage agenda is probably partially inspired by the chine's attitude .and there head over heals race for capetalism at the expence of every thing else.

As for the Olympics in London It will change London and for the better, .people will stop moaning for one thing.
and be the bigest festival since 1851.

And yes we will get some new and iconic sports grounds.
and more besides
Tuesday 18 April 2006 9.53pm
deek, unfortunately, I expect your vision of the impact of 2012 on London to be far more likely than that of mr.salt.

mickysalt, 'iconic' - as in holy and devine or merely symbolic?
Anonymous User
Wednesday 19 April 2006 4.29am
mickysalt wrote:
.people will stop moaning for one thing.

You don't really believe that, do you?
Wednesday 19 April 2006 10.34pm
Have to agree with Deek. Friends who had a lovely home Out East found themselves unable to sell as soon as London declared its Olympic Bid and the location of the Facilities - that was several years ago now. I've read that businesses in the area have been treated shabbily. Meanwhile London's infrastructure can barely cope with its current demands, add a couple of million visitors and what's going to happen.

A brief reminder of The Dome 'fiasco' and how on the night of the Inauguration, all the 'VIP's' (ie not Mr Tony and Her Majesty) were stuck at one of the Jubilee Line stations in the chill-some air. And need we remind ourselves of The Dome itself and how we're still paying for it. The Athens Olympics were judged to be a success - the Greeks are still paying for them.
Thursday 20 April 2006 2.00pm
just to digress, i wasn't living in london in 2000, but i did come down and visit the millenium dome, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was well worth 20 to get in (especially when the same amount of money isn't usually enough to get you into an hour and a half's football, and there is no gauerntee that you'll have a good time!), and i feel that it should have been left open after the 112 months, with maybe changing some of the sections around every few months.

yes i believe that the London Olympics will be a success, and i agree that we'll probably have to pay for it for a long while, but i think that that's ok.
Thursday 20 April 2006 2.21pm
Must say that anyone I know who did go to the Dome had a great day.
Anonymous User
Thursday 20 April 2006 2.25pm
I took my mum there - it was rubbish. I did warn her but she insisted on going.

We got free tickets from somewhere so at least it only cost her the train fare into town!

If it had been making money it would have stayed open longer.
Thursday 20 April 2006 2.40pm
the show in the middle was great.
Thursday 20 April 2006 9.23pm
Micky -

You said: As for the Olympics in London It will change London and for the better, .people will stop moaning for one thing.

How will London be changed for the better? Why will Londoners stop moaning?

You also said: And yes we will get some new and iconic sports grounds.

I would prefer mayor Ken and his back-slapping lackeys to remember who's money they're spending - and do it on a shoestring. Think "Wembley Stadium".

I just can't imagine how I could benefit from a new archery range, velodrome, or pick-a-facility, once the Games are over. Greece has been forced to increase its VAT to pay for the privilege of hosting the Olympics - and the facilities still sit empty and in ruin.

I tip my hat to Kelly Sotherton, the UK athlete, who refused to endorse the 2012 bid because of the appalling legacy Games projects have left in host cities.

A few years from now the Games will have come and gone, we'll be staggered by the debt and moaning about council tax increases to pay the shortfall (but only in London), facilities will not be accessible to the general public, the minions responsible for the organisation will all have been knighted and sitting back in soft, high paid roles, and some (not I) will be wondering where it all went wrong.
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