Unwanted Phone Calls

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Wednesday 19 April 2006 7.49pm
Can anyone tell me if/how I can stop unsolicited calls to my mobile? They really drive me mad and seem to be increasing in frequency.
Wednesday 19 April 2006 8.07pm
What sort of unwanted calls? Sales/commercial, or other?

Assuming the former, then you need the Telephone Preference Service: http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/

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Wednesday 19 April 2006 10.39pm
I get them in bursts every few months - if you say to the person calling you, "Please delete this number from your listings, do not call this number again", then they HAVE to do so. If they call again then ask to speak to a Supervisor, in fact you are legally entitled to ask for a Supervisor anytime you receive one of 'those calls'.

Alternatively you can be really cruel and muck them about big time - Last summer I had a charming young man called from India at 8am to talk about Insurance for my Office, Staff, Equipment, Wehicle (that took me a second to work out) etc etc. When I said that Mrs Paul was an equal partner in the business, the young man thought that was lovely, which played into my hands, "Actually it's 8am here in England", I said, "Mrs Paul is beside me in bed, as it's 8am, would you like to speak ... ". At that he backed off slightly and went back to talking about the company Wehicle, he asked what make it was and I lied, "Toyota", obviously he hit a scroll-down menu for Toyota and asked which model, "A Toyota Gang Bang", I said (Mrs Paul eyes rolled). The young man couldn't find that particular model on his listing despite the fact that I said that Gang Bangs were very popular with footballers at that time - I was told that one of his colleagues would call me back ...
Thursday 20 April 2006 9.32am
I used to get some sales calls on my mobile trying to sell me new contracts. Given that generally I control who I give out my number to, and always specify that my details are not to be used for any marketing purposes whatsoever, I was very annoyed to get these calls.

I spoke to my service provider, Orange, who were the only other body who might distribute my number. They denied doing so and they told me that direct marketing companies just make up numbers randomly until they get a hit, which is a possiblity. However when I renewed my contract with Orange I noticed a little opt-out clause for their Orange Directory service, which this time I took up, as well as registering myself with TPS and since then I've had no calls. I assume that Orange make their Directory service available to third parties and marketing companies at a price?
Thursday 20 April 2006 10.01am
TPS almost totally stopped our unwanted sales calls.

Also, you may know this already, but BT now provide their Caller ID service free of charge to anyone with a BT line (even people who pay someone other than BT for the calls, which wasn't previously the case).
Thursday 19 October 2006 9.14pm
I've just had the most funny unwanted sales call, from David Beckham in India.

He said he from his records he could see that my contract had run out last month. I said I had, in fact, just signed up to a new call plan, that ran for the next 18 months. He asked how much I was paying and said he could give me a much better deal.

TLMJJ: I've just renewed my contract; I can't change.

David Beckham: But you're paying so much! I've got such a good deal for you!

TLMJJ: Yes, but I can't change. It's very kind of you to offer, but I'm not interested.

David Beckham: But maybe your husband would be interested?

TLMJJ: I'm not married.

DB: But your husband... your daughter.... maybe they'd like this offer?

TLMJJ: I'm not married and I don't have any children, and I'm not interested. Thank you.

DB: But madam! It's such a good deal! Why aren't you interested?

TLMJJ: I just told you. I've just signed a new contract. Thank you, but I am not interested in your deal.

DB: But why, madam, why? Why? Why?

TLMJJ: Thank you for calling, but I'm going now.


TLMJJ: Goodbye.

Thursday 19 October 2006 10.32pm
In addition to winding them up, which is realistically very easy and good fun if you have the time, tell them your number is listed on the non-nuisance call list. Even if it isn't it'll back them off.
Friday 20 October 2006 12.01am
I'm listed with TPS, but this call came from overseas, which I think is a way round that for marketing companies.

I felt so sorry for the poor man - he really did sound bereft that I wasn't interested: why, madam, WHY?? Or maybe it was my lack of husband and child that upset him so?
Friday 20 October 2006 11.06am
i just say can i put you on hold and then put them on hold while i take another call and dont return, or just keep checking that they are still there until they go, which amuses me or get them to speak up, i pretend i cant hear them until they are really screaming down the phone, that amuses me no end, or pretend to be foreign with limited english and some swear words thrown in, you can also pretend you have just been mugged or have crashed your car, i quite look forward to them really, or tell them you are depressed and your partner has just left and left you a note on the mantle piece while pretending to sob
Sunday 29 October 2006 8.51pm
we are registered with the tps and still get calls and when we tell them we are registered they put the phone down then 20 minutes later call back! so now we just put the phone down on them immediately which has resulted in us getting one call a day instead of 9-14 per day and it is always call centres from india about selling us mobile phones or changing our landline
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