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Tuesday 27 June 2006 2.29pm
No connection to this company www.fon.com but what they are offering seems to be a good idea. They are delvering compatible wireless routers for 20 a pop too, which if you use them gives you free wireless access to anyone else using them. I've just signed up to them, anyone else have any experience of using their service?
Tuesday 27 June 2006 10.13pm
looks an interesting idea
not too many in se1...yet!
Wednesday 28 June 2006 9.27am
No, I think I may be the first...

So if any of you SE1-ers want free access to the Internet through my wireless connection get signed up!
Wednesday 28 June 2006 11.40am

The FON idea's had a lot of press coverage recently - some good, some not so good.

You may have seen this for example.

Just one key thing you should check - that your ISP will allow you to share your broadband connection with others, even free. BT, for example, has made it very clear that it considers that any of its subscribers that sign up to share their connection with non-subscribers will be in breach of their terms and conditions.

See this recent story.

Assuming that your ISP is ok with it (and many are) then the only thing to worry about is whether anyone who logs onto your wifi spot will exceed your download limits (if any) and lock you out. I think the FON software allows you to control maximum size of downloads, so that should be pretty straighforward.
Wednesday 28 June 2006 2.09pm
Thanks Siduhe, I had read the John Naughton article when it was first publsihed. Good point about download caps though; I am with Zen and do have a monthly limit. Will need to look in to their policy about connection sharing. I will certainly ensure the security of the resources on my network are beefed up when I start using the service.

I have ordered Fon's router which should get delivered in the next few weeks. I'll report back on my experience once I've been set up for a while.
Thursday 29 June 2006 10.30am
From WebmasterWorld forum: Google-eBay venture promoting free Wi-Fi with sale of $5 routers.

"FON, a company funded by Google Inc. and eBay Inc. to promote free wireless Internet access, will start selling routers for $5 to encourage consumers to share their Web connections with others."

Interesting range of views: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum10/12071.htm

Good - funded by Google and eBay so must be 'proper'
Bad: security issues and ISP not liking you giving away bandwidth

Lots to think & worry about (especially if you use your connection for serious and work stuff, so worry about security), but a really interesting idea in terms of community access to Internet...

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