Catching Mice Humanely

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Thursday 17 August 2006 8.59pm
i've just been sat watching TV, when i saw a blur pass across the living room, and then suddenly a little mouse poked it's head around the sofa, sat looking at me, and then ducked back out of view.

i don't really want a mouse (or mice) in my flat, but don't really want to kill it, is there a way of catching it humanly?
If I let it go, outside in burgess park, will it survive (obviously it's not house trained, but it may be used to indoor life), and are there likely to be more of them around, in my flat?
Friday 18 August 2006 4.52am
Jonr my mice problem has virtually disappeared since buying A plug in sonic thing, it's called a pestX i seemed expensive at the time, but when i worked out how much i was spending on traps, not forgetting the chocolate... I had humane traps all over the house, only every caught one, I think it had a homing instinct, I released it over paragon park..i'm sure it was the same one that turned up a few days later. Before the plug in thing I even purchased some glue boards, caught one straight away then cried as the poor thing struggled to get off, then had to dispatch the mouse quickly in a bucket of water..never again.
At least with the old fashioned traps they died straight away! Baiting with poison just attracts more of them for the feast...
Friday 18 August 2006 8.13am
we had mice running in from the garden and we bought a sonic device and-i know i am tempting fate-but since then they have not come in. Plug every gap with wire wool as well particulalry round pipes etc that run from flat to flat as thay quite often move around the building this way. Not catching them, but keeping them from getting in is the next beat thing.
Friday 18 August 2006 8.35am
And if all else fails, I can loan you a very pretty looking kitty who will certainly ensure that you don't have to dispatch the mice.

Although, do I recall that MrsR is allergic ?
Friday 18 August 2006 10.54am
Mrs R has asthma, but would almost certainly love to look after a cat for a day or two (is it house trained?)

i think i may have a look at the sonic device thingumy first though.

cheers for suggestions, keep em coming

[edit] i've chosen to go with the humane cat can trap here which is fairly cheap, re-uses old can's and hopefull will work well.
Friday 18 August 2006 2.29pm
I don't understand why you don't want to kill them. If you don't want them in your house, then where do you think they will go once you've caught and released them? I bet your neighbours would like you to kill any you find.

What if you found out that you had mice becuase your neighbour caught them in their house in a "humane" trap and released them and they ended up living with you instead?

I think you should either kill them, or make them a little comfy nest and adopt them.

Maybe you can tell me all about it tonight.

...if you press it, they will come.
Friday 18 August 2006 3.04pm
i did think about getting a second hand hampster cage (one of those large colourful plastic ones with globes and tunnels, and all sorts of stuff), and making it into a kind of trap, so that the mice would get in, then not be able to get out, but would be happy living inside. I also thought that if i do catch them and let them out, i'd let them out in Burgess Park, or somewhere out in the country, so that they'd be very unlikely to come all the way back to my house.
i do intend to put up a notice in our block, in case it's an escaped pet mouse.
Anonymous User
Friday 18 August 2006 4.01pm
House mice would die in the country - they aren't field mice.

That's what the exterminator at work told me when we had mice here.
Friday 18 August 2006 5.49pm
then i'll have to release it round someone elses house then - any volunteers?

... oops - i'm not suppose to be here still, i'm late for the party!
I'm late! I'm late!

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