Yarr 2006 !

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Monday 18 September 2006 6.21pm
In honour of the late, great (sadly departed) Pirate Ross The Malformed* I thought I would remind everyone that tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In previous years, James has been very patient with our efforts to celebrate this significant cultural event...

This year, I am apparently to be addressed as:

Cap'n Sam Knockboots

*See here.

[for you mateys based in the sheltered waters of the British Isles]

[for all ye' hailing from foreign climes]
Monday 18 September 2006 8.00pm
Ouch - my pirate name apparently is Pirate Corliss the Disgruntled. Not too sure.....
Monday 18 September 2006 8.35pm
I always find a bit of poetic licence (and a good testing of all the various name generators) helps.

Siduhe SE1 can be either Filthy Liza Bonny or Iron Ethel Kidd (which explains why I stuck with my real name to produce Cap'n Sam Knockboots)...
Anonymous User
Monday 18 September 2006 10.42pm
Shoutin' Val Slasher at your service, Cap'n
Tuesday 19 September 2006 8.29am
I should like to rebut the allegations made by the slanderous she-sailor Cap'n Sam Knockboots: "the late, great (sadly departed) Pirate Ross The Malformed".
1 late - punctuality be me middle name! (Thargbeard Punctuality Ross)
2 great - 'tis true once they'd never make me walk the plank fer fear o' snappin' it, but I'm more of a schooner than a dreadnought these days.
3 sadly departed - I may be full of 'oles from every Tom, Dick an' Ahab takin' potshots an' 'avin' a stab, but rumours of my 'avin' 'ung me 'ook in Davey Jones locker on a permanent basis be greatly exaggerated.
Tuesday 19 September 2006 8.45am
Well, if that don't just be takin' the ship's biscuit ! Ye be tryin' to do a nice thing for a fellow sea dog....'onoring the Code and what have...and then 'e runs you through from be'ind...

Arrr, that be' fightin' talk, Master Ross...
Tuesday 19 September 2006 11.19am
No offence meant, Cap'n Sam.
Tuesday 19 September 2006 12.51pm
Yarr Cap'n Ross, none taken. I be forgett'n me piratical twitchin icon in me' earlier post...

Tuesday 19 September 2006 4.47pm
I'd create an account for my pirate name which came out of the generator, but I fear work's sweary filter would object....
Tuesday 19 September 2006 5.02pm
Yarr! A sweary pirate name! I could use one of those.
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