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Wednesday 1 November 2006 12.56pm
I rather foolishly got the mini jacs 2 drawf hamsters after a lot of pestering. Unlike other hamsters Drawf hamsters like to live in groups. I purchased them understanding they were the same sex but they had babies! and after unsucessfully seperating girls and boys one of the babies has had more babies. So is there anyone out there who can offer a hamster or two a good home? They are very cute.
Wednesday 1 November 2006 1.03pm
Do you think they would taste nice? I am thinking a kind of variation on scampi with breadcrumbs and a spot of deep-frying.

Would you like to go with me?
Wherever I'm going
Are you *really* asking?
Is that your *real* answer?
Wednesday 1 November 2006 1.46pm
Personally, I'd try a ham stir-fry with, perhaps, straw mushrooms.
Wednesday 1 November 2006 2.40pm
Ohhh. Not nice.

We are under pressure to have some animals. I think the preference is for a pony, though we are hoping to get away with goldfish. However, Jac, the thing that worries me about your offer, is you apparant inability to tell the difference between boys and girls....

It would be useful to know if there is anyone on the Forumk who has hamster sexing skills. (I assume that somehow TLMJJ, Lang Rabbie and Ivanhoe we will get there. They seem to know most things.)

Perhaps we can talk further at Jackies.
Wednesday 1 November 2006 2.55pm
The mini jacs told me the orginal two were girl and boy but I didn't listen- Fool I thought the pet shop would know better. With the babies we got 4 out of 5 right but it only takes one male to be a problem. Once seperated they can not go back together, they fight to the death and the boys have obviously been removed from the girls after they have had their wicked way so I can offer single hamsters to anyone who wants them.

Not sure about the ham stir fry as the cat didn't eat an escapee and she usually eats mice so maybe they dont taste good. I have also thought about breed your own cat food but as I said they are cute and I just cant quite do it.
Anonymous User
Wednesday 1 November 2006 2.59pm
Jac, you should take all the babies to the pet shop and make them keep them - after all it is their fault you're lumbered with such a rapidly expanding family.

Either that or call Madonna - she'll probably adopt them.
Wednesday 1 November 2006 3.10pm
find a friend with a pet snake.
Wednesday 1 November 2006 3.47pm
Do any of them smell of elderberries ?

[Sorry, couldn't resist]
Anonymous User
Wednesday 1 November 2006 3.49pm
Siduhe... ROFLMFAO!!!
Wednesday 1 November 2006 4.08pm
"It only takes one male to be a problem."

How true.
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