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Thursday 16 November 2006 8.06am
I have been asked by the hospital to participate in trials for a new drug for osteoarthritis. According to the charming doctor who phoned they have tried it out on ' normal ' people without ill effects...I feel normal, I feel normal and witty and bright, sung to i feel pretty from m.f.lady, sorry having a silly moment there.

Anyway I digress, what sort of questions should I be putting to the doctors before I give my permission?
This trial goes over a period of nine months including an overnight stay in hosp. for an ' infusion ' and i don't think they mean tea..
My friends think I'm crackers for even thinking about it, but they dont have my complaint, which I can only alleviate by taking ibuprofen,paracetomal and sometimes tramadol all at the same time.Ibuprofen is causing me terrible trouble with my stomach.
Have any se1ers ever taken part in any medical trials? what was their experiences?
Thursday 16 November 2006 8.21am
Well, Jan, after the Elephant Man horror story last year, I'd be more circumspect than previously. But I think you should be asking: a)how have the previous guinea pigs reacted? b)where can you see the research progress documented? c)how many trials have there been so far and how far on is the whole research programme?

You might also ask your GP who presumably is more conversant than a lot of us on this Forum with the pros and cons of these studies. However on the PLUS side if you are a sufferer you will be given a chance to try something which, if it's not available at the mo. on the NHS, may give you relief ahead of time.
Thursday 16 November 2006 9.05am
Jackie is spot on in her advice. Before going to the GP however, I would also ask what the possible or expected side effects are and what risks they see in participating. . I think it is important that your GP has this information as well.

I have taken part in a trial in my uni years and found it an interesting (and lucrative) event. I remember one trial for diuritic pills and I had to measure the amount of pee for about a month!
Thursday 16 November 2006 9.41am
Maurits I have just found out the hospital wrote to my doctor in september to inform him about me taking part...he never mentioned it to me!

p.s. the hospital mentioned after i had told them i was interested that compensation would be paid, 2,500 good if i ended up like elephant man....
Thursday 16 November 2006 9.47am
It sounds like it's the hospital asking you to do the trial, rather than a medical company testing a new drug, which is what those unfortunate people were doing earlier this year. It might be that they're trialing a new medicine before it's fully available on the NHS.

My mum (who is in her 60s) is testing some kind of drug at the moment, but I can't remember what it is, although she also has osteoarthritis. This is through the NHS rather than a drug company, and she seems to think it's fine.
Thursday 16 November 2006 10.04am
Around 95% of drug trials conducted in this country are either run by or heavily sponsored by drug companies. The other 5% are sponsored by charities. Hospitals do not carry out there own research as no funding is provided and, what would be the point. Drug company sponsored trials carried out at NHS hospitals are normally at stage 5 which is the final stage before concideration for general release - as far as the trialists are concerned most side effects will have been shown up at stage 1-4, you hope
Thursday 16 November 2006 10.08am
Chuckalata, this trial drug is called ANG403....the doctor at the hosp. told me that its the drug company thats paying the money...Is Mum under Guys hospital also..I hope your Mum benefits as well..healthwise I mean!
Thursday 16 November 2006 10.35am
I would ask if this is a Phase II (100-300 patient volunteers) or Phase III (large scale, 3000 patients) trial.

If Phase III I'd be more likely to go ahead. If the drug makes it past Phase III it will be licensend.

Ask how this treatment is better than what is already available (the whole point of a new drug after all). You say healthy volunteers had no ill effects...but have patients taken it? Has it been shown to work yet?
Sunday 19 November 2006 1.08am
a bloke got a frog stuck to his head, so he went to the doctor. The doctor looked up from his desk and said "what seems to be the trouble?" The frog answered "Well it's like this doctor, I've got this bloke stuck to my arse."
Monday 20 November 2006 7.29am
Well Dave...that should spawn a few more medical jokes!..:-)
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