Robbed at Paddington

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Thursday 23 November 2006 7.46pm
My lovely mum and dad were in London today for Dad to do a spot on Working Lunch, and also to do some xmas shopping. They rang me a couple of times and they had a lovely day and even popped round to our flat to see our cat.
They got to Paddington station tonight to go back to Bath and my dad was targetted by 2 black men who ran up to him and grabbed his briefcase.
Inside was his Blackberry, and lots of his confidential paperwork regarding his pension and finances, plus things with my parents home address on. So now my poor mum is really worried about going home. They have only recently moved to Bath after several uneventful years living in London. They are so happy in their new home and it makes me SO angry that people out there would do this to my Dad who is so kind and gentle and who has worked hard his entire life, and to my quite fragile mother.
Police are looking at cctv etc to see if robbers have chucked briefcase somewhere, but I imagine this incident will simply be filed and that will be that.
I know that worse things happen to people, but I just wanted to have a little vent and also tell people to be extra vigilant in the run upto Christmas.
Thursday 23 November 2006 8.40pm
SO sorry Sarah, how despicable...I know your parents and they certainly dont deserve this, they are not young and must be very shocked and shaken by this event. ANd we've just been hearing about London being the cocaine capital of Europe...and this is how those guys fund their habit. I guess they'll get a few quid for the Blackberry and chuck the rest of the stuff away. Disgusting.
Thursday 23 November 2006 8.59pm
Thanks Jackie. I just spoke to them- my mother is VERY upset and shaken by the whole thing. The police were apparently very good- they even have 'laptop' police at Paddington. They said there is an Algerian gang operating in the area and they are fairly confident of finding them. My father was looking at his watch at the time and thanks to this the police know exactly which bit of cctv to look at. Like you say, the police said the gang would get away from immediate vicinity and then dump the bag and papers somewhere.
A young girl witnessed it and went to the police with my folks, gave a statement and said she would be prepared to give evidence if necessary- so there are some nice people out there.
Friday 24 November 2006 7.51am
I am really sorry to hear this and it makes me so angry. Luckily they did not get (physically) hurt, however. All the best to them.
Saturday 25 November 2006 10.50pm
It's awful, just awful. I do feel sorry for people of any age, but especially older people.

I hope your parents come out of this OK.

best wishes, Kevin
Saturday 25 November 2006 11.27pm
Utterly despicable. These sorts of incidents make me so angry. I hope they catch these bastards ASAP. Frankly they deserve to be beaten to a pulp.
Monday 27 November 2006 8.00am
That was unnecessary wjfox.

I am really sorry to hear about your parents Sarah and hope they catch them asap - how lucky that he happened to look at his watch.
Monday 27 November 2006 8.09am
I agree Jane...beaten to a pulp ...nah...they would only get treated on the NHS....if immigrants whether illegal or not, let them have no access to the vast army of legal advisors specialising in ' right to stay' and send them back straight away.
Your poor Mum and Dad Sarah, what a rotten thing to happen...The fear you have when ....s like this have your home address makes you get all your locks changed I would imagine..

Perhaps drugs being legalised may help prevent these rotten things happening if they were druggies?
Monday 27 November 2006 1.22pm
Thank you for all your kind words- they are feeling a bit better although mum is still shaky about it.
My dad's view on it, said in a very resigned way, was, 'we welcome people into our country and this is how they repay our hospitality.'
And I have to say, I agree with him.
Monday 27 November 2006 4.33pm
How do we know these people were immigrants? They may well have been born here, and their parents and grandparents too...this doesnt make the fact any better - the scum bags need chatching and banging up regardless.
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