A male/female sport anomaly

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Sunday 21 January 2007 12.18am
I'm a bloke, and amongst many of my interests,I happen to like some sport. Now, I'm sure we all understand that in many sports there is a gender divide due to the physical differences between men and women. For example, having seperate gendered Rugby leagues makes sense to me.
However, I have never understood this divide in certain 'sports' and would like to know what you think and why it exists.
For instance, why do we have seperate Snooker championships? howabout Darts? many Olympic sports have this, too e.g., Curling and Shooting? These examples have more to do with skill rather than physique. Do you know amymore?
I'm suprised that there has never been a populist feminist protest/backlash against this (that I'm aware of).
It's not a big issue, I know, but interesting , nevertheless...
Sunday 21 January 2007 8.40am
With Darts, and perhaps also with Snooker, maybe it's to do with spatial awareness (one of the things that men seem to have been scientifically proven to be better at than women). Shooting's another one that comes into this category. No idea about Curling though, as I've never managed to work out how it works!

With Snooker, too, most women have a, ahem, physical limitation - i.e. a player with boobs can't stretch across the table as effectively as one who is flat-chested!
Monday 22 January 2007 2.03pm
The snooker tournaments you see on the TV are, as I understand it, open to both sexes - but the men's game is at a higher level and the female players don't do very well. There is a separate female only circuit. The situation is similar in golf (thinking of Michelle Wie's exploits here), and presumably in other sports as well.

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