Internet Domain Registration? Anyone knowledgable here?

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Tuesday 27 February 2007 5.38am
I'm thinking about getting my own domain.
- Partly to have a permanent address, i.e. not or @gmail although I may use Google Apps or Windows Live as an web access point for the mail. Or maybe an MS Exchange package. Not sure, but I want my own permanent e-mail address.
- Also I will later on want to have a website for personal and possibly (not sure) business use

Question 1: What are the options for getting a domain? From the little I know, I can get a domain through a hosting company such as 1and1 or GoDaddy, or through companies Google Apps or Miscrosoft live. Any other catgeories of vendors?

Question 2: Is there any disadvantage to getting the a domain via Google or Microsoft Live, versus getting it from a hosting company?

Question 3: Also what is all the stuff about "private registration". Is it just about not having your name be public - does it also mean that the hosting compnay effectively "owns" your domain name in the event of a dispute etc?

Its all sort of confusing to me and I'd like to do this right the first time, so any help is appreciated.
Tuesday 27 February 2007 8.51am
I've got mine via a hosting company, mainly because they had a good deal and their service turns out to be OK.

My personal experience is that as soon as you have a contact with an @gmail address the spam you receive increases. Although this could be coincidental. I am not sure how this would turn out with Google.

Between myself and my brother we own two domain names, a ".com" and a "" but both with the same main name (hope this still makes sense). In the UK there is a registration body called nominet who registers all names and their owners. As far as I am concerned I am the current owner of the domain name which I have taken out for 2 years on a renewable basis.

Hope this helps at all.....
Tuesday 27 February 2007 11.36am
I'd recommend - I've used them for most of my domains. They're incredibly cheap, have excellent customer service and you even get free webspace with every domain.
Tuesday 27 February 2007 1.04pm
Sorry to gate crash this thread but its vaguely connected. I have my own website and email address from that site. I've just installed some new anti virus software and i am now having trouble downloading emails in outlook from that email address. If the service is interupted so each time I get the first email this is not deleted from the hosting site so I get it again and again. Any ideas my ISP says that is not a fault with them the hosting site says its the software. I have no problems getting the emails from my other email address with my service provider. Any advice?

Interseting re the Spam. I only use the website email for work and at the same time as I set up the website I got a new ISP and I use that email for everything else including sites such as this and when buying goods. I have both about 18months and it is my website email that is the first to start getting the dreaded SPAM.
Tuesday 27 February 2007 6.20pm
As an afterthought - I would be interested in finding out more anout accessing mail via a web tool thingy as mentioned in the first post (sorry, not that technical myself). Anyone any advice?
Wednesday 28 February 2007 8.07am
Tattie wrote:
As an afterthought - I would be interested in finding out more anout accessing mail via a web tool thingy as mentioned in the first post (sorry, not that technical myself). Anyone any advice?
That is what I am looking at for the mail - you get Web and POP3 mail through that.

But I am trying to figure out if it is also worth getting the domaind from them too, or getting the domain separately.
Wednesday 28 February 2007 6.54pm
I bought my domain name through these guys...

don't be put of by the bling - they are very helpful should you run into problems.

Do a "Domain Search" first to see if the name you want is available

I am not associated with them in anyway - just a happy customer in the minefield that is domain name registration.
Wednesday 28 February 2007 9.11pm
Boss St Bloke wrote:
the minefield that is domain name registration.

That is one way to put it. Every review website I can find for these services are clearly bogus. Even DotEasy, which was mentiond above, I have got some negative feedback on them.

Anybody used
Friday 2 March 2007 9.21am
Sorry - just to go back to the webmail thing. Would it be better to do this via the same source or would any other one do just as well?
Friday 2 March 2007 6.50pm
Hi Tattie

Some ISPs allow you to send and receive email via a browser.

This means that you can process your email anywhere in the world - as long as you have access to the Internet and a browser.

For example, my ISP has this webmail portal...

where I can check my Email.
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